Board Meeting – August 11, 2021

Beth Costa on Jan 1, 2022

August 11, 2021


In attendance:













Wine & Food Affair:

  • 40 Wineries agreed to host based on survey
  • As of today, no one has signed up. Feedback: wineries are coordinating food etc.
  • Wineries have option to give on hour or half hour
  • Sunday only tickets
  • Tickets processed through CellarPass
  • Pre-choose reservations, then complete payment.
  • Group of six.

Barrel Tasting :

  • One weekend in March



  • 80 wineries have paid
  • 7 wineries are not renewing
  • 4 lodges are not renewing
  • Beth noting who is taking which board members are taking which wineries/lodgings for follow up



  • Info on tickets, demographic scaled into older generations, 1,300 responses, want special offers especially outside of area


Healdsburg Tourism:

  • $12k
  • Social media posts, podcast, events, unique experience and tickets, newsletter


Perks & Privileges:

  • Follow-up : Redirect original plan. Reevaluate original ideas.
  • App to model : “Townsies” app
  • Previous club : RoadRunner
  • Beth reached out to software companies:
    • Member/subscription app. We can edit and support design. Annual fee of $2,500/annual.
    • Current company – $3k/month. We can’t edit our own app
    • SonomaWest : Beth is waiting to hear from them. Expected to connect 8/11




  • Need success stories to share with members
  • Idea – comped tickets, monthly fee, wine distribution


Wine Club:

  • Adding experiences and tickets
  • Offers provided by wineries
  • How many bottles to include in the shipment
  • Retail partner/compliance needs to be addressed
  • Focus on top 5 shipping events
  • How to address customer concerns, membership issues
  • Build the brand for wine club – synergy with podcasts, social media,
  • Don’t oversell events, in case we have to cancel
  • Bringing Wine Road nationally
  • Challenges may be club issues, declined credit cards, bring in new customers, address compliance issues, quality, brand experience
  • How will we bring in new customers?







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