Board Meeting – August 21, 2020

Beth Costa on Jan 11, 2022

Wine Road Board Meeting

August 21 2020 | 9:00am

Remote, California

In Attendance

☒   Beth Costa (Wine Road)

☒   John Viszlay (Viszlay Vineyards)

☒   Devin Ruddick. (Hook & Ladder Winery)

☒   Lillian Fechter. (Francis Ford Coppola Winery)

☐   Danny Christensen. (Geyserville Inn)

☐   Joe Foppoli (Christopher Creek)

☐   Julia Lander. (Moshin Vineyards)

☐   Chris Lynch. (Mutt Lynch Winery)   –   Had a teacher conference

☒   Oded.Shakked. (Longboard Vineyards)

☐   Jack Seifrick. (Cast Wines)

☐   Stephanie Wycoff. (Seghesio Family Vineyards)

☐   Katie Ambrosi. (Wilson Artisan Wines)

☐   Aaron Krug  (Best Westen Dry Creek Inn)

☐   Open Board Position

Treasurers report

Status update: 150k in savings. 50k in checking.

Potential: Could be a few more assessments coming in

Spend: 40k that needs to be refunded from w&f that rolled ticket, but now we’re not having

Assessment update:

  • 50 wineries have paid. 13 paid $450 instead of $900
  • 10 lodgings have paid. 2 paid $250
  • There may be more – Beth has been OOO
  • We have 170 total members. She assumed 100 would renew for budget.
  • Beth would like to coast and see how upcoming weeks go.
  • They aren’t overdue yet, so we will wait to reach out on those who still owe
  • She will reach out to 3 that have committed to not returning to offer incentive and conversation.

Review of Exec meeting: Since it was the day of the ABC/Wine Inst. Meeting, much of the budget and meeting hinged on W&F affair future.

W&F Affair Update (discussed throughout meeting. Notes consolidated)

AVA directors met with legal of WI and ABC. Received green light.

What it will look like:

  • Wineries will sell wine to wine road at 50% off.
  • Customers can purchase mixed cases of wine.
  • Include recipe card and cheeseboards.
  • Scheduled list of 20 minute Facebook live with Chef and wine/food pairing recipes.
  • Special permit for set amount of time to ship.
  • Will offer 6 packs and 12 packs.

Challenges: California only.


  • For those outside of California, Wine Road could market special packs, and then could wineries could ship directly. Would they donate 10% back?  Lillian will email Coppola compliance regarding above.
  • Extensive discussion about shipping throughout US.
  • Cellar Angel partnership (John to call). (Joe brought up that Cellar Angels has their own list)
  • Partner with BevMo or for US shipping
  • Beth to work on ABC in different states.

Other notes:

  • Question about upfront cost. Beth said she would sell first, follow-up with winery to purchase wines.
  • Devin – reach out to Pack & Ship for co-marketing opportunity   Respond: Beth wants to follow up with wineries to see where they are all shipping
  • Partner with Wine Festivals for Marketing


  • Pickup option with tasting coupons

Beth – need to decide by next Friday to start marketing and getting wineries on board. Goal is to get 48 wineries on board. Reconvene next Friday.


10 lodging paid: 2 lodging paid 50%. 8 paid 100%

$150k in Savings $50,000 in checking. $40k that need to be refunded.

Wine & Food Affair : $75k budgeted. Would only need to spend marginal money for design work & advertising. Minimal spend overall.

Tasting pass can’t be sold anymore.

WWL & Barrel Tasting is done.

John: Called attention to income. Asked about W&F affair income.

Beth: Will know more today, but is confident that if we can do event, we can make 75K. Has meeting with ABC & Wine Institute. $75k is for 200 cases total.   Customer would pay 100% shipping. Challenges include permitting, shipping, registration etc.

2021 revenue projections are for virtual experiences (50k, 75k, 100k)

Devin asked if everyone is okay with income. All said yes.


Paid through March. From August – December, everyone working 50%. If can’t do W&F, we are going to have to reevaluate reality.   Would like to bring Emily back at $20/hour for outreach and membership. No benefit expenses.

Talked about longevity of Wine Road. What will we do if we can’t move forward with events?

2pm Wine Institute Zoom Meeting with Wine Institute

Tell staff potential of 50% coming back this year. When we can bring you back, this is what we would bring you back at…. Get information from them on what direction they want to take.

Approval of Minutes

Danny: Motion to approve. Aaron : Second. All approved.

Staff/Office update

Beth met with Debbie and Emily last week, regarding finances.   Everyone is still on unemployment. When they come back, it may be 20 hours a week. Provided them the option, and they both want to hang in there. Emily also sells real estate, so she’s happy to work around that. All are in holding pattern.

Website updates

Beth: Keeping things updated. Who is open, doing curbside.

Added reservation link for customers to direct link.

New/Old Business

New: none

Old:   Bringing in other lodgings for membership:

  • Currently a bi-law item.
  • We will need to write an addendum.
  • We need to define (one mile past border, etc)
  • Address in next meeting
  • Aaron said 50% of lodging can’t pay mortgage. We may need to table this conversation. Didn’t receive any government support, other than PPP.
  • Discussion to table conversation due to timing.

Emily is going to reach out to wineries and let them know what we’ve been doing since March.

Referred back to Executive Meeting notes, this has not yet been approved.

  • John: Motion to approve bringing back Emily. $20/hr, 20 hours/week max.
  • Jack seconded. All approved.

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