Monthly Office Recap: March – June 2020

Beth Costa on Jan 5, 2022

Wine Road – monthly recap 2020


Wrapped up Barrel Tasting

Launched #SipSonoma $5 shipping – website, advertising – 80 members participated


Consumer Newsletter

Map mailing 230 requests

Weekly notice for members

2 solo podcasts
“Car Hop Wine Shop” 75 members participated in curbside, pick-up program

Promoted via – Video, Website, Digital Advertising

Website – updates

Moved #SipSonoma

Added Car Hop Wine Shop

Reconfigured event search to; Wine Specials, Shipping Deals, Virtual Tastings, Something Different!

Digital via Press Demo/Sonoma Mag – virtual tastings and curbside pick up


Consumer Newsletter

Map mailing 176 requests

Weekly notice AND weekly Covid updates

2 zoom podcasts

Continued to promote video

Developed digital, radio and print campaign to promote virtual and curbside – Northbay Biz

Hosted Sandra Hess for Virtual Seminar – Doing Business in a Changing Landscape


Consumer Newsletter

Map mailing 132 requests

Weekly notice AND weekly Covid updates

2 studio podcasts

We’re Open – list with 50 wineries, added to website, promoted on social

Ordered various signs –coordinated with Sonoma Valley

Created online fundraiser for Food Bank – mailed gifts

Added “reservation” link to all winery pages

Added to website

VIDEO – 50 Ways to Get Your Wine Now – analytics

YouTube: 3,898 views

Facebook post #1 (native post): 10K views / 19,858 people reached / 1,573 engagements / 140 shares

Facebook post #2 (YouTube link): 937 people reached / 96 engagements

Twitter: For some reason Twitter itself isn’t pulling analytics this morning.

Instagram: 876 views

Press Release (24 hour report, so May 6th – haven’t received anything past that)


Report with media outlets reached:

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