Exec. Board of Directors – Nov. 2018

Beth Costa on Nov 25, 2018

Wine Road Board of Directors

Nov. 8, 2018 – 9:00-11:00

Wine Road Office (upstairs)




9:00   Call to order

Attendees: Carla Jeffries, Devin Ruddick, John Viszlay, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa


Prior to discussing agenda items below, Exec Board met with Beth to review Executive Director goals and strategic initiatives YTD. Carla Jeffries took notes for Beth’s review.


9:02    Treasurer’s Report

Checking: $68,997.49 (as of 10/31/18)

Savings: $2XX,XXX.xx

            Proposed budget – Final Budget meeting scheduled for Nov. 12.


9:15    Messaging & Positioning


9:16    Website

Launch date of Q1 2019

ADA compliant- exploring issues such as Voice Activated; larger print; better description of photos. Adding “chat” to website.   6,000 pending lawsuits to wineries.


Same verbiage re: Birth Defects. Needs to be placed on every CA box and every bag that leaves the door per Prop 65. Wineries need to create a sticker – should notify wineries of this new requirement.


9:20    Events

            WFA recap – Positive feedback from many wineries.


Wineland – ads, ticket launch


BT – videos, ad plan, misc. 200 tickets sold ytd as a result of Vine Pair blog, goal of 12,000 tickets. Using multiple advertising venues for BT: 7×7 in Bay Area with 200K following; Trip Advisor at $5K per month with analytics; Adverator with 1.3 million impressions in major markets.


Exploring GeoFencing (GF) to piggyback on national events; and/or could GG the Sonoma County airport (i.e., when folks exit the plane, if they have an app open on their phone, the WR ad will pop up). Need to explore areas to GF like Picnic in the Presidio (i.e., they come weekly to eat in the park, good target for WR events) Going to need a Task Force for GF.



9:40    Survey recaps – winery and visitor


9:50    Corporate Sales

            Timeline and contact list


9:55    Associate Memberships

            Timeline and contact list


10:00 Marketing & Public Relations

            NY Trip with tourism


Analytics – Google My Business

Separate from Google page. WR had 50K visitors in the past month.



10:15  Old Business

            Annual Meeting, run of show

-Guest Speaker is Paul Mabrey. Have Paul talk about analytics from consumers & members.



10:25  New Business

            Rancho Mirage – seminar and BT offer



Future Meeting Dates:

Annual Member Meeting, Dec., 8am, Vintner’s Inn

Full Board Meeting, Dec 13th, 11am, Sonoma Cutrer

Executive Board, January 9, 9:00am Wine Road Office

Full Board, February 13, 9:00 –location TBD   Winegrowers of DC as guest

Executive Board, March 13, 9:00am Wine Road Office

Full Board RETREAT – April 10 & 11– location TBD


Please note, meeting dates have been changed to the 2nd WEDNESDAY of the month for both Full Board and Executive Board.


Posted by Beth Costa