Exec. Brd. Minutes – July 10, 2019

Beth Costa on Aug 7, 2019

Wine Road Board of Directors

July 10, 2019

Longboard Vineyards


8:00-9:00 – Executive Board 

** = Requires follow up OR Board Decision 

8:00                Call to order – Executive Board

Attending: John Viszlay, Carla Jeffries, Devin Ruddick, Danny Christensen, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa.

8:05                Exec. Director goals – reviewed by Exec Board.

May 2019 Minutes approved.

8:20                Treasurer’s Report as of 6/3019:

Checking:       $20,388.26

Savings:         $200,223.94

  • $10K grant came in!

** On the P&L and Balance Sheet, Danny requested that WR list YTD 2019 vs 2018 numbers instead of just YTD 2019.

– Transfer savings to higher paying account:

** Board agreed to partner with Redwood Empire Credit Union as they’re a local bank that works closely with our community. Their rate is 2.45% for 36 months. It’s not the highest rate, but it’s competitive, and WR would also like to get access to their members (i.e., be included in their online newsletter and/or other marketing efforts.)

** Since WR is a non-profit, Beth will ask RECU if they’d be willing to forego penalties if WR needed to access the money sooner than expected (i.e., $100K deposit).

Assessments – sent out to all members

8:25                Health Insurance proposals & 401K for members

As of today, WR has not found a company offering health insurance for a CA Association. If Beth finds an insurance company willing to provide such coverage, she will present it to members to judge the level of interest before moving forward.

8:30                Map advertising

– Casino, Event Planner, Car Rental, Uber, STS Airport (Sacramento?)

Looking for one to two key partners; fee of $10K includes advertising on the map, plus WR’s other standard partnership benefits. WR to go back to So. County Airport (the perfect partner) and let them know that if they don’t come on board, the opportunity will be presented to Sacramento Airport who is very active in their marketing efforts. WR also met with River Rock Casino; if they don’t partner, WR will target Graton Casino.

** WR to approach Montage for partnership; hotel scheduled to open by Sept. 2020.

New / Old Business

Annual Membership meeting set for Nov. 10th at Vintner’s Inn. Partners will be featured from 3-5pm, 5-6pm reception. Sandra Hess will be a featured speaker.

** Exec Board created a motion to offer W&F Affair tickets to Lodging Members at 50% off to create guest Packages (tickets will not be sold separately at 50% off). This motion will be presented to the Full Board for approval.

** Beth to invite Bob Baker to WR to host a Tasting Seminar. She met him at Sonoma House where he did a great presentation.

9:00    Adjourn




























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