Full Board, Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2019

Beth Costa on Aug 7, 2019

Wine Road Board of Directors

July 10, 2019

Longboard Vineyards 

9:00-10:00 – Full Board

** = Requires follow up OR Board Decision

9:00                Call to order – Full Board

Attending: John Viszlay, Carla Jeffries, Devin Ruddick, Danny Christensen, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa, Julia Lander, Jenny Lamarre, Thomas Schwarting, Oded Shakken, and Stephanie Wycoff.

Absent: Chris Lynch, Joe Foppoli, Lillian Nichelsen

9:05                Event update

– Timeline, marketing, lodging ticket price – TASK FORCE


** Full Board approved selling W&F Affair tickets at 50% off to the Lodging members to build Guest Packages. Lodgings will order tickets as needed (no minimum purchase required).

9:15                Member Outreach – Stephanie

– Goal, Schedule, Script

Each Board member was given a list of 16-18 members to contact. Stephanie will create an email which can be customized and sent by Board members to their individual list as a first outreach effort.

** Board to report back on progress at the next meeting (Aug. 14th @ Seghesio).

9:25                PR and Social updates

WR has received 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor by 7 reviewers. They reviewers may be potential Brand Ambassador candidates.

9:35                Brand Ambassadors (BA)

– Committee report

BA Committee consists of: Danny, John, Chris, Beth, and Debbie (meeting next week).

Goal is to identify 10 BA in July and launch the program in Dec.

Social Media will play a huge role in the BA Program. WR to give BA objectives that can be measured AND rewarded.

** WR to create annual program terms; terms need to be established & approved in advance of official sign-ups. WR to check on any legal issues.

WR may give BAs website access with their own password. BA may see their accrued points on the website.

9:45                Partnerships – Mo McElroy

WR Partners are currently paying $3K for an annual membership. Discussed option of charging more next year for an “exclusive” annual membership (i.e., only one realty firm… Compass this year – Sotheby’s next year, etc.)

Refunded Sonoma Sterling’s membership fee; they wanted more than WR was prepared to offer.

Contacts, Responses, Offers

Mo has a spreadsheet full of leads (i.e., Tesla, Giants, Uber, etc.) She is looking for both a law firm, and compliance company, and will target Airporter and Sonoma Magazine.

If Board Members have potential partnership contacts, please forward to Mo and she will follow up (i.e., Jack has a contact at Summit Bank).

9:50                New / Old Business

$10K grant came in!

Annual Membership meeting set for Nov. 10th at Vintner’s Inn. Partners will be featured from 3-5pm, 5-6pm reception. Sandra Hess will be the featured speaker.

10:00  Adjourn

* Beth will be meeting with Sandra Hess at 10:30 to set up next steps for our Brand Ambassador Program. Entire Board invited to intend if available.

Next Meeting – August 14 – 8:00-9:00 Exec Board, 9:00-10:00 Full Board Seghesio Winery

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