Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

July 10, 2018   9:00am    

Wine Road Office – Upstairs

 DRAFT – Pending Approval at Sept. Meeting




9:00    Call to order:

Attendees: Carla Jeffries, John Vislay, Mike Salinas, Devin Ruddick, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa.

-Approved notes from Exec Board meeting of May 2018.


8:35    Treasurer’s Report – revised budget

-2018 Budget approved

Checking: $11,133.45 (July balance is traditionally low, assessments arriving in August.)

Savings: $200,061.17


8:37    New Board position – election time

WR had two board positions open, but EB approved addition of three new directors: James Luchini of Coppola; Stephanie Wycoff of Seghesio; and Oded Shakked of Longboard. New board consists of 13 members (12 required), plus ED.


8:42    Review ED Goals for year / revised timeline

Adopted goals for ED for remainder of 2018. EB will set CY2019 goals in Dec 2018 to coincide with ED’s annual performance review occurring in January (instead of June/July).


9:15    Events


9:40       Membership


10:15             Task Force Updates


As part of BW, WR will test a Friday night intimate event, 30 attendees hosted at one of 4 wineries per weekend (8 total); no reimbursement; wineries to pour minimum of six wines and offer appetizers. Goal is to attract consumers who either haven’t attended in the past, or bring back consumers via popular winery members who don’t participate in BW (i.e., Coppola). List of 8 wineries identified.


Winery members will be given the option to purchase up to 10 BW tickets at ½ price (can be used to bring back customers; reward existing customer, etc.) WR will no longer offer 4 complimentary tickets per winery.



–Tiered pricing discussed, but rejected as that was considered too complicated.

–Still need to address difference in member dues (i.e., 15 newer members paying $1,000/year while the majority of members paying $850)

–Addition of Sonoma Coast appellation was rejected; too large of a territory.

–After assessments come in, if wineries opt not to renew, WR will survey them in Sept. to get feedback.


-Possible By-law changes below will be discussed at next full board meeting:


10:20  Old Business

-Still need to develop “elevator speech” re: who is WR, and what WR does?

-Mike to host lodging member meeting (before Aug. 9th mini-retreat) to see how members feel about Air BnB, winery guest houses, etc.




Next meeting


Full Board – RETREAT progress – August 9 plan on 8:30-12:30 Geyserville Inn

Continental Breakfast starting at 8:15, lunch to following meeting at Geyserville Grille