Full-Board Meeting – Aug. 2019

Beth Costa on Sep 9, 2019

Wine Road Board of Directors

August 14, 2019


8:40-10:00 – Full Board

8:40                Call to order – Full Board

Attending: Beth Costa, Carri Holdredge, Danny Christensen, Devin Ruddick, Jack Seifrick Jenny Lamarre, Joe Foppoli, John Viszlay, Julia Lander, Lillian Nichelsen, Oded Shakked, Stephanie Wycoff, Thomas Schwarting,.

Absent: Carla Jeffries, Chris Lynch


8:45                Reviewed minutes from July meeting: Minutes approved.

** Corrected meeting minutes to reflect Annual Membership Meeting date as: 11/13/19.

8:50                Event update – review ad proposals

Beth to arrange advertising meeting with North Bay Magazine and KRON on 8/19/19. Estimated budget of $20K – taking some funds from other areas within the marketing budget (e.g., GeoFencing was removed; County Benchmark removed so those funds are now available, plus WFA funds.)

KRON to create a package based upon the audience WR wants to reach (i.e., targeting ZAP attendees would make sense.) TV outreach would be a component of the package.

  • Added Somm tasting to pre-WFA (am event).
  • Looking for Glass Sponsor for Barrel Tasting, $12K- $18K commitment.

9:00                Member Outreach –

Board members contacted their list of 16-18 wineries/lodgings via the introductory email (Jack still plans to report back on his list). Most board members received 0-2 responses; Viszlay received 4. The next communication will be a bit shorter, one to two main points, and possibly a question. It may include a reminder for the Nov. 13 meeting, and a Health Insurance update.

9:10                PR and Social updates

Alexa can analyze your website. Misty is tracking all digital advertising. WR to consider using an advertising firm next year that specializes in digital marketing. Blogs: WR needs to target content to specific groups of people.

9:20                Brand Ambassadors (BA)

Goal is to have 10 BAs that are extremely active on social media. Social Ladder is a program that manages an Ambassador program for $6K/year. Users download the app; it shows points earned, prizes available, etc. Content is posted that BAs can share. On WR’s site, the page would be password protected. First touchpoint might be high-end printed piece, similar to “Maker’s Mark” brochure.

** Stephanie is going to reach out to SSU Business Dept to see if students would like to take on the project of analyzing a BA Program, its costs, structure, etc. She will make the introduction and Devin will follow up. Devin to meet with Beth to determine the specific information that WR would want from SSU.

** WR then to decide whether to use Social Ladder or to manage the BA program directly.

9:35                Partnerships / Map advertising

Compass added to the Map as a $10K advertising partner. Pure Luxury may join at the $10K level; great partner to work with. Also looking at “Visit Santa Rosa” @ $10K, and Healdsburg Chamber at $3K. Waiting to hear back from Graton Casino; Sonoma County Airport is out. WR could partner with up to 5 businesses, but 4 @ $10K each also works. Map distribution is 300K.

WR may partner with Windsor Golf for a tournament on May 29th. Renae Perry is willing to help, Stephanie’ husband may be able to help. There may also be a weekly wine pouring opportunity at the golf course. WR to explore a yearly pass for its members.

9:40                Messaging: WR tagline – “Always in Season

This tagline will be posted on online for all platforms (i.e., FB, Instagram, etc.)

** WR to make a bigger splash about our REFB connection

9:50                New / Old Business

Discussed how to introduce business partners on the map (i.e., “Explore our Local Business Partners”, or “Friend of Wine Road”) What is the best way to call out these partners on the map?

** Decision to go back to a Full Board meeting every other month (instead of monthly).

Next Executive Board Meeting: Sept. 11, 8am at WR Office.

General Board Meeting: Oct 9th at 9am (2nd Wednesday of the month).

Location TBD.

10:00              Adjourn

Posted by Beth Costa