8 Days In May – reminders and supplies

Beth Costa on May 21, 2021

Hello all –

If you have not yet picked up your supplies, I am putting them in the map box outside of our office door – the office is closed.
But you can get into the map box anytime, day or night. 1437 Grove Street – the box is clearly marked MAPS
I am even leaving a few boxes of glasses next to the map box.

Monday I will be sending out the list of everyone that has bought a ticket thus far, that may help you cross reference your reservations.

Tickets will continue to be on sale ALL week.

The ticket buyers confirmation does say – SHOW your ticket at every winery you visit, to confirm your purchase. So don’t be uncomfortable asking to see it. It may be printed or just on their phone.

The crayons –
You can leave them on the table and people can share them or you can give each group a box – there are no more, once you’re out, that’s it.

The coloring page –
Customers can take it home to color or color as they taste – the idea is for them to color it, take a picture and share it on Instagram.
Instructions are on the page itself.
We will pick our favorite pictures and send some Wine Road goodies.

Wine Road glasses –
if you picked up glasses, use them as you want – wash and reuse or give away. We do NOT want them back. You took them, now they’re yours 🙂

Mysty Stewart may visit –
Mysty used to do our social and PR, but like everyone else, she has been furloughed from the Wine Road.
However – she WILL be out next week, making some tasting reservations and at other wineries just stopping in to get some photos of people tasting. Photos we can use on social. So you may see her…not sure which days she will be out. But we’re thrilled she offered!

We are still in a holding pattern at about 250 tickets, so that may be it.

I hope you see some great wine buyers and sign up some wine club members.

#SipSonoma #ColorWineRoad


Posted by Beth Costa