Do we sell/auction our egg barrels?

Beth Costa on Mar 22, 2021

Hello to all of the wineries that have an Easter Egg Barrel –

Someone mentioned we should sell or auction the barrels for a non-profit.

Great Idea – I think ?

– They are your barrels.
– Do you want to sell them?
– How so…
Auction – post photos online and have people bid – they would need to pick them up, obviously no shipping
Set price – YOU set the price for your barrel and first come, first served

– Where does the money go?
– Do we chose 2-4 local charities and let the buyer pick?

Let me know your thoughts and we’ll see where this leads.
I have very limited time to spend on this, so it needs to be super simple.

Maybe those of you interested in selling could set a price and name the charity and you want to partner with and you take care of the whole transaction.
I could put the photo, price and charity on our website and share the link to help you sell it.

There are 30 barrels – if they all sold them for $100, that’s just $3000.
If 10 of you wanted to keep your barrel and we have 20 to sell – that’s just $2000, divided by 4 charities that’s just $500 each, so we’re not taking about some HUGE donation.

That being said…maybe someone loves the charity you partner with and loves your barrel and they buy it for $1000!

Your thoughts – please let me know by next Friday – i know this is a busy weekend.


Posted by Beth Costa