Library Wines – Are You Participating, in person, or with orders

Beth Costa on Feb 4, 2021

Hello to all of our Wine Road wineries

I realize that many of you are NOT going to be open for tasting, as you do not have the space to be outdoors.

That being said, I had meant to give everyone the option to “participate” in our Cellars Closed/Libraries Open promotion.

The sign up form HERE has been updated to allow you to sign-up to simply showcase 1-2 or more library wines for SALE only, be it picked-up that weekend or for shipping. It will say that you are not open for tasting.

The idea is to simply give us something unique to talk about, and the opportunity to taste and buy library wines does the trick.

We sent out our press release yesterday and we already have interest.

We’d love to have 10-20 wineries pouring wines that weekend and another 10-20 signed up to offer wines for sales for pick-up that weekend, or simply taking orders that weekend…being available for people to call in and talk to you about those particular wines and then place an order.

We’d also love to see some 1-2 minute videos of your winery, showing off the wines you will be featuring – we can post those YouTube links on our website.

So – think it over, if you have some Library Wines to feature – sign-up here.
Deadline is Feb. 19th, so I can create an online program, showing off your wines.

Posted by Beth Costa