Need Lodging Photos

Beth Costa on Sep 27, 2022

Hello to all of our lodging properties along the Wine Road –

We are going to be adding a new page to our website – it will be a grid of photos of all of our lodging members.

Each square will be ONE photo of a lodging property and when a visitor scrolls over the photo, the lodging name will appear and it will link to your page on our website.

We will also be adding a “reserve now” link to our site, linking to which ever reservation system you each use.

We’re going with the “picture is worth 1000 words” idea, and trying to add more lodging photos to our site.

We need you to submit the photo you want us to use, but it needs to be a SQUARE format to fit into the grid.

As soon as we get all of the photos, we will make the page live…hopefully within the next few weeks.

1. select your photo
2. send to

Your call, if you want the photo to be interior, or a picture of the entrance, or the garden area, the breakfast nook…


Posted by Beth Costa