Opportunity to pour at Fundraiser

Beth Costa on Aug 28, 2023

Hello to all of our winery members –

In the past, I worked with Jennifer Terry for other events in Marin and she seemed to bring an interested, wine enthusiastic crowd. Though I’d pass this along, if any of you are interested.
Any interest or questions, please connect directly with Jennifer  (copied above), I will be out of the office.
An upcoming Texas Hold’em fundraiser on September 28th to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of America. Please see attached letter from National Trustee of the Pacific Region, Jackie Chin, with more information about the event and this worthy cause.

This is such a perfect event for Wine Road to get involved in! There are 100 guests who pay $200 each to participate – an active, influential group of Marin community members.

We are looking for 2 wineries to do wine tasting before and during the card playing, as well as looking for 4 winery gift baskets (assortment of wines, tasting gift certificates, wine products) that will be promoted and raffled off during the event. Would you have any interest in partnering with us? I thought it would be PERFECT for your group.

Thank you for your consideration and hope to connect soon!

All my best,

Posted by Beth Costa