Sales Training Seminar

Beth Costa on Aug 31, 2023

To all of our Wine Road winery members –

Working with the team at the WISE Academy, we are thrilled to host this sales training seminar.
We hope you join us – Sept. 13th, from 9:00-11:00am, at the Hilton Garden Inn.
Register (and details)HERE 
Sales is an extension of great hospitality.
The building blocks of great hospitality and sales is rapport. Building rapport (aka trust) and effective engagement means increasing overall guest satisfaction and sales/signups.
In this workshop, WISE will present tools on building rapport techniques to help increase engagement with guests which will lead to sales and club signups.
Attendees will develop skills on use of effective icebreakers, the right open-ended questions, compelling analogies, and great storytelling.
With great rapport, attendees will learn how to effectively close the sale in a brand-appropriate way with planting sales seeds along the way to increase sales and wine club signups.
Only $10 per person (for current Wine Road members), this 2-hour training will give you tools to get more wine club sign-up and get more bottles moving out the door.
Register Here:  Sales Seminar, Sept. 13th, 9:00-11:00am

Posted by Beth Costa