Spring Event Too Kit – social media and photo suggestions

Beth Costa on Mar 1, 2021

Hello to all of our members that are doing either…
– WineLove Weekend
– Libraries Are Open
– Easter Egg Barrels

Mysty put together one took kit with info for each of these – use for the event(s) you are doing.

Please stay away from using the word EVENT – we don’t want to alarm anyone that we are bringing 10,000 people here. These are super small, reservation only tasting experiences.

Also for WineLove, we are not selling “tickets” customer are buying “access”.
We want to make sure we’re using all of the same terminology.


Hi Team Wine Road!

Below are some suggested social media posts for our upcoming promotions. As always, put your own spin on it!

Dropbox Link to Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1d4srd93wabwygo/AADdYbbbLne7KiLvHtFy5oEBa?dl=0
Podcast, New Events Spring Preview: https://wineroadpodcast.com/spring-preview-new-spring-events-for-2021(Please share)

Libraries Are Open, March 6 & 7
Suggested Hashtags: #LibraryTasting #LibraryWines #WineRoadLibraryWines #sipsonoma #wineroad
Page URL: https://www.wineroad.com/events/cellars-closed-libraries-open/

Suggested Posts
Our Library is Open! Come explore our library wines with us March 6 or 7th! Make a reservation with us and you’ll receive a taste of one of our favorite, rarely tasted library wines. URL
The Cellars are Closed, but the Libraries are Open! We’re excited to be participating in this fun weekend where you can explore library wines at a limited number of wineries along the Wine Road, including ours. But don’t forget, you must make a reservation with each us to participate! URL
Library wine: A portion of vintages held back by wineries to be re-released years after their debut. If this sounds intriguing to you, join us March 6 & 7 when we are throwing open our library. To participate you must make a reservation with us and follow all COVID19 protocols when tasting.
WineLove Weekend, March 19 – 21
Suggested Hashtags: #WineloveWeekend #WineRoadWinelove #sipsonoma #wineroad
Page URL: https://www.wineroad.com/events/winter-wineland/

Suggested Posts
40+ wineries share their “WineLove” March 19 – 21st. This is a long overdue chance to get out and meet winemakers, taste limited production wines, and new releases. Enjoy the start of Spring in Sonoma County and treat yourself to a relaxed, personalized tasting experience. After you purchase your access, you must make a reservation directly with us. (Ticket URL)
WineLove Weekend is the perfect escape you deserve. Taste current vintages at each winery you visit while taking in the beauty of Sonoma County. But hurry and get your access pass today because tickets are extremely limited due to COVID19 restrictions. Once you have your pass, you can make your reservation directly with us. Access URL https://winelove2021.eventbrite.com
We’re excited to announce that we’re participating in “WineLove Weekend,” an opportunity for visitors to explore different wineries along the Wine Road. Buy your access pass today and don’t wait to make your reservation with us as personalized WineLove experiences are extremely limited due to COVID19 restrictions. Get access here: Access URL https://winelove2021.eventbrite.com
Wine Road Easter Egg Hunt! March 8 – April 11th
Suggested Hashtags: #WineRoadBarrels #EasterWineBarrels #sipsonoma #wineroad
Page URL: https://www.wineroad.com/eastereggbarrels/

Suggested Posts
Join us for the Wine Road Easter Egg Hunt! We’re hiding an Easter Egg Barrel at the winery, along with 29 other Wine Road wineries and lodgings. The goal: Find as many barrels as you can, take and share a selfie and win some goodies. Come on down and look for our ours anytime March 8 – April 11th. Get all the deets here: https://www.wineroad.com/eastereggbarrels
Come Find Our Easter Egg Barrel…win goodies! Of course, we suggest you make some wine tasting reservations with us and make a day of it, but if you just want to hunt for barrels at the winery and have some fun, we totally get it! Click here to view the map of participating wineries, and happy hunting!
SoCo Friends – it’s long past time to have some good ole fashioned, fun! Join us for an Easter Egg Barrel Hunt going on from March 8 – April 11, 2021. Simply view the Wine Road map showing which wineries are hiding barrels, head to a winery, find the barrel, and snap a selfie with the barrels you find. Don’t forget to tag #thewineroad and use the hashtags #WineRoadBarrels #EasterEggBarrels for a choice to win Wine Road goodies. https://www.wineroad.com/eastereggbarrels
Find photos in our dropbox account here: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Wine Road (1)/Wine Road Spring Events

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