Hello to all of our members that are doing either…

– WineLove Weekend

– Libraries Are Open

– Easter Egg Barrels

Mysty put together one took kit with info for each of these – use for the event(s) you are doing.

Please stay away from using the word EVENT – we don’t want to alarm anyone that we are bringing 10,000 people here. These are super small, reservation only tasting experiences.

Also for WineLove, we are not selling “tickets” customer are buying “access”.

We want to make sure we’re using all of the same terminology.



Hi Team Wine Road!


Below are some suggested social media posts for our upcoming promotions. As always, put your own spin on it!


Dropbox Link to Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1d4srd93wabwygo/AADdYbbbLne7KiLvHtFy5oEBa?dl=0

Podcast, New Events Spring Preview: https://wineroadpodcast.com/spring-preview-new-spring-events-for-2021(Please share)


Libraries Are Open, March 6 & 7

Suggested Hashtags#LibraryTasting #LibraryWines #WineRoadLibraryWines #sipsonoma #wineroad

Page URL:  https://www.wineroad.com/events/cellars-closed-libraries-open/


Suggested Posts

WineLove Weekend, March 19 – 21

Suggested Hashtags#WineloveWeekend #WineRoadWinelove #sipsonoma #wineroad

Page URL:  https://www.wineroad.com/events/winter-wineland/


Suggested Posts

Wine Road Easter Egg Hunt! March 8 – April 11th

Suggested Hashtags#WineRoadBarrels #EasterWineBarrels #sipsonoma #wineroad

Page URL:  https://www.wineroad.com/eastereggbarrels/


Suggested Posts

Find photos in our dropbox account here:  https://www.dropbox.com/home/Wine Road (1)/Wine Road Spring Events

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