WineLove instructions for wineries taking reservations

Beth Costa on Feb 26, 2021

Hello to those of you participation in WineLove Weekend.

This is a new format, due to the reservation requirement for tasting.
Customers are not just buying a ticket and showing up unannounced – they need to have a reservation.
In the program each winery indicated if they wanted customers to call or to reserve online.
Our instructions for buyers is to use the “program” as a guide and either call or reserve online, per the wineries preference.
This is going to be tricky…we are counting on the honor system (I know, that’s not perfect).
Customers are told numerous times during the buying process they MUST show their Eventbrite Access (ticket) printed or on their phone at every winery they visit that weekend, to confirm they paid for their reservation.
If a customer calls to reserve – you should do your standard practice of getting their contact info and CC#, let them know their is a charge if they are a no show.
If a customer books online – you should do the same – get their info and CC# and let them know there is a charge if they are a no show.
When they show up that weekend you need to SEE their WineLove purchase, either printed or they may show it to you on their phone.
If they do NOT have proof of purchasing, you would just charge your tasting fee, or they could go online and purchase WineLove then and there.
There will be problems, I’m sure. People always try to game the system…I don’t have all of the answers. This is new for us too.
The reservations are up to you…you can sell out to WineLove buyers or set aside some seating for people not participating that simply call to book a tasting with you.
There is no requirement on our part for you to only seat WineLove buyers.
What I do need, is for you to let me know when you are SOLD OUT for one of the days.
We will put SOLD OUT next to your name, for the day(s) your are sold out, on our website, so customers know before they purchase and are to disappointed if they can’t get into the wineries they wanted to.

Posted by Beth Costa