Getting vineyard and production crews vaccinated

Beth Costa on Feb 24, 2021

Hello to all of our winery members –

As many of you know Sonoma County Vintners and Sonoma County Winegrowers are working to get vaccines to winery production teams and vineyard workers.

At this time, NOT winery staff, office support, tasting rooms etc.

If you have winery production folks – please follow these instructions:

One person at your winery needs to be the contact person. This form needs to be filled out:
We ask that there be one representative from each winery who completes the survey and who will act as our primary contact. That person will indicate on the survey how many total vaccines for their production team are needed–versus having multiple individuals from wineries submitting surveys on their own. This helps us regarding scheduling.
The vaccines are currently only for production teams at wineries (does not include hospitality or other areas at this point), so the survey should only include the number of vaccines needed for those individuals.
As we learn from the county when vaccines become available, Michael is contacting those who identify themselves as the primary winery contact in our survey. At that time he will provide that person with details on how that person will register their employees for the vaccine. The winery contacts will be the ones who will need to register their employees.
For vineyard workers, they should contact Winegrowers regarding vaccine needs. I’ve attached Karissa’s email with information on how they are handling the process.

If you have vineyard crews and have NOT YET connected with the Sonoma County Winegrowers – please email Karissa Kruse at Sonoma County Winegrowers –
She will need this information:

– ONE contact person for your winery
– Number of employees (again -ONLY vineyard crew)
– Location in the county (AVA)

I think this is clear, but if not – you need to keep the vineyard crew and the winery production teams separate when signing people up.

Posted by Beth Costa