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Beth Costa on Mar 26, 2020

Hello to all of our winery members –

I’m sorry to be sending so many notes, but I want to make sure you get the latest information as it becomes available.

I will not bother you again until next week – I promise!

two things…

1. I have attached a recap of the stimulus packages which has been provided by the Wine Institute.
Things of interest; the increase to unemployment.
Delay of payment for employer payroll taxes
Modification for net operating losses
Also this link is to the Wine Institutes webinar on Business Insurance & Employment Law During Covid-19

2. Our consumer newsletter goes out next week and I’d like to include links to;

A. Wineries doing curb side or local deliveries – we have quite a few local subscribers.

B. Wineries that are doing virtual tastings – please DO NOT send me detail about the virtual tasting, I will need to make it a round up of all that are being offered and then include a LINK TO YOUR info. Please just send me the link you want shared.

C. Wineries that have some type of special offer they want shared – in this case, please enter it into our website as an EVENT. That is the link I will include in the newsletter…”we can’t have events now, but we have some awesome special offers!”
Feel free to also list your Virtual Tastings in the event calendar. Everyone will be sharing that link, Sonoma County Tourism the Vintners,Winegrowers and of course Wine Road.

Remember, this newsletter goes to over 50,000 subscribers, they’re all at home, they can do some online shopping. Please post your special offers and send me your links for virtual tastings by Monday.

Posted by Beth Costa