Valentine Gift Guide

Beth Costa on Jan 11, 2023

Hello to all of our winery members –

If  you are interested, please respond directly to Aly, not to the Wine Road.
This came our way via our PR Manager, Mysty Stewart.

This lead is for a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide in Forbes

Romantic wines to pair with your V-Day dinnerWhether you are planning a surf and turf or a sexy pasta night, these are the wines you need for the biggest date night of the year. To pitch your wine, send writer Aly Walansky your wine’s retail links, a LINK to an image, and a wine description. Email Aly Walansky at with the subject line “Romantic Wines to Pair with your V-Day Dinner.” Deadline ASAP. Generally these leads are competitive – the sooner you get your wine in, the more likely you’ll be considered.

Posted by Beth Costa