Board Meeting – June 2016

Beth Costa on Jun 15, 2016

Wine Road Board of Directors

Meeting June 9, 2016

9:00-11:00 Dry Creek Inn, Krug Event Center

Absent:  Aaron & Robert



9:05    Call meeting to order – Robin

9:05    Review minutes from retreat

  • Change minutes to reflect Julia as elected VP and Stacy as Secretary
    • Approval of minutes with change:  Ross
    • Seconded:  Kevin

9:10    Treasurer’s Report – review 40th budget

  • Checking: $143,303.16
  • Savings: $160,234.01
  • Review 40th spreadsheet
    • $162,748.79 income
    • $158,377.99 expenses
    • Projected donation amount by Beth = approximately $30,000
  • Wine Road will be donating approximately $100,000 by end of year and it will be a great press release

9:20    Membership Meeting – recap

New Members

  • Spicy Wines

AVA guidelines

  • Kevin reported that membership committee wants to have the bylaws amended to allow outside wineries to become part of Wine Road if the tasting room is physically within any of the 3 AVAs
  • Discussion by board members on what ultimately must be taken into account when amending the bylaws –
    • Whether or not to require at least one wine from one of the AVAs
      • In addition, winery would have to have an AVA wine featured in whatever event it chooses to participate in
    • Cap number of non-AVA wineries
    • Would need to discontinue the 51% requirement of AVA fruit – hard to police this requirement as is
    • Need to verify if this requires entire membership vote or if board can take action on own accord
  • Kevin to work with committee to bring forth a formal motion.

Problem members

  • (Unnamed for Privacy )Winery will be no longer a member of WineRoad due to many issues, including but not limited to failure to turn in money from ticket sales.

9:56    Events – updates

Ruby Affair

  • Event went well – difficulties with auction item follow ups, such as collecting on declined cards resulting in bidders rejecting auction item won
  • $43,000 raised for charity donation
  • Press Democrat Table of 8 were a no-show.  Beth is going to call and ask if unwanted auction items can be bought by them as compensation

Magical Mystery Tour

  • 42 tickets sold so far – email blast going out on Monday June 13th

40 Years of Cheers!

  • July 23rd / 11:00-4:00
    • Wine pouring
      • Time frame is 11:30-3:30
      • 40 Wineries pouring / 2 wineries per table
      • Drink tickets
        • Motion to approve cost of drink tickets to be $10 for 5 tickets – Jeff
        • Seconded – Ross

Wine & Food Affair

  • 40 Wineries committed

Meeting date for Events Committee

  • New Chair – Carla Jeffries
    • Meeting is June 22, 2016 at 9:00am
    • Up for review:
      • Review annual events
      • Create plan to inform participants about rules, procedures
      • Vouchers for buying – how to implement
      • Adding smaller events, format, suggested dates – goal/purpose
      • Create plan to inform participants about rules, procedures
      • Vouchers for buying – how to implement
      • Adding smaller events, format, suggested dates – goal/purpose

10:10  Marketing  & Public Relations

Wagstaff follow up

  • No longer using Wagstaff

Monterey, San Diego

  • Went well except tickets went onto Groupon (creating more attendees) without participant knowledge, resulting in wineries running out of wine

Advertising / press link / pod cast – how to share with members

  • 10-15 min podcast posting every other Thursday
    • Focus on tourism and making it tourist friendly
      • New things for tourists to see/check out
    • Goal is to get enough listeners to start pulling sponsors

10:20  PRMD – review outline for approval / logo inclusion

  • Still meeting every Monday – seems unproductive due to no hard solutions
  • Beth went over number of unresolved issues – such as Board of supervisor wants to have one person hired to handle neighborhood complaints, but there is no association willing to bear the burden of that costs
    • Not clear on how many or who is responsible for neighborhood complaints

10:35  New Business

Review assessment letter – send out June 30 – due Aug. 1

  • Suggestion – to create language on outside of envelope indicating that the contents are for assessment due.

Review letter for brewers and distilleries – send ASAP

  • Letter is still in drafting stage

General Meeting / Holiday Party – Dec. 8th agenda

  • 12 days of Christmas theme

Survey results – Retreat Recap

  • Want to make next year’s retreat 2 day
    • Too many decisions are rushed due to the limit of one day

10:58 – Meeting Adjourned


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