State of the Wine Road – 2nd Qtr 2022

Beth Costa on Jul 2, 2022

State of the Wine Road – 2nd Qtr (April, May, June )2022

We received a $12,000 sponsorship from Ron Rubin Winery to continue our podcast for another 12 months.

Mysty Stewart began working on public relations, planning multiple press visits, in addition to managing our social media.

The “flipbook” on our home page; Choose Your Own Adventure has had over 4000 visitors clicks in the 2 months it has been live. Visitors are spending an average of 2.5 minutes going over the pages.
Our wine specific pages (sparkling, Rhones & Italians) have seen XXXX visitors per month.
We continue to get more members on board with our new Insider club.

We coordinated Gateway to Wine Road, to mixed reviews. Customers seemed to want an event that did not require reservations. This event did not ultimately generate any income for Wine Road, as we had various expenses.

Public Relations
We have hosted 4 journalists in the last three months, links to their articles have been shared as they were published.
Beth was interviewed on two different shows in the Phoenix area.
Good Morning Phoenix has a following of XXX

We hosted 20 members for a recent seminar on ADA Compliant Websites, then shared links to all of the material that was presented to all members.

Member Benefits
We have now added XXX as an additional benefit for our members.

Board Representation
Board elections were held in February.
The list of current Board members may be found online in this link: XXX
We completed a member survey to find out what YOU felt the most important benefits of membership were, and how we could improve our association. Here are the results: XXX

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