Board Meeting – December 8, 2021

Beth Costa on Jan 13, 2022

Board Meeting – 12/8/21

11:08 am start time



Office Staffing

Debbie – 10 hrs/week

After W&F Affair, increased to 30 hrs/wk

Intern –

  • Martin – has been great.   Strong computer skills. . Works 3 days a week, a few hours per day. Does general admin, as well as skilled tasks.
  • Feels good with staffing and up to date on projects
  • During last board meeting, authorized to spend money on staff

Treasurers Report

  • $130,000 (approx.) in Checking
  • $150,000 (approx.) in Savings
  • Only bill outstanding is Press Democrat Bill. It is $2,500 but we received a grant
  • Need to pay sales tax on wine and food affair. (Used to not pay with EventBrite – EventBrite paid directly. Cellar Pass -we have to pay sales tax directly)


  • Holding on reviewing budget after WWL

Subscription Update

  • Received printout during meeting “Inside Access”
  • Put everything together on the website, which can transfer to App. Google Analytics show that people are using desktop. Mobile enabled.
  • What to call it? Membership, Subscription etc.
  • Leaning towards “Insiders”
  • Landing page on website with overview > Click for more details > Foundational Benefits (seminars, discounts, exclusive concierge service, tastings, shipping)
  • Insider Privileges : Individual wineries would rotate benefits and perks. Special discount on specific skus from wineries, shipping discounts, exclusive tastings
  • People can receive updates via text message. Short term/long term
  • “Off the Road” benefits – Green Music, Stark, Zip Line.
  • Incentive to join a wine club.
  • Eliminate Wine Road Tasting Pass and transfer to this project
  • Auto-renewal – handled by Square during payment. “Opt in” “Opt Out”
  • Proposed Name : “Wine Road Insider”
    • All approved. No opposition
  • Limits – $100 per households (up to two users). Primary and Secondary users.   Name, Email, Phone number.
  • Auto Renewal – Include communication in contract/initial signup for auto-renewal. (30 days in advance? Review guidelines)
  • Potential Idea : Send email to all event participants for shipping deal after each wine road event
  • Restaurants, Activities, Green Music Center
  • Offer code to “wine companies” – Riedel etc

Brand Ambassador

  • Launched in November via Wine Road Newsletter
  • 5 others moving forward. Reaching out to micro influencers.   Mysty will send them a tool kit for promotion (events, wine tasting experiences)
  • Max at 12 people
  • Not all live in California

Events – WWL

  • Tickets started selling yesterday. Email platform crashed yesterday so had to send this AM
  • “Save the Date” was sent last week
  • Sold 350 tickets yesterday.
  • Price was $60 in 2020. Price is now $120 in 2022.
  • Beth has been responding to all guests.
  • Goal is to sell 1,000 tickets
  • Debbie is reaching out to participating wineries to show them about Cellar Pass
  • Extend the deadline for purchases to January 9th. Beth will communicate to wineries & consumers

Events – W&F:

  • Feedback was excellent from consumers. Overwhelming positive feedback
  • Purchased more wine/bought more clubs than normal

Events – Barrel Tasting :

  • One weekend only.
  • Reviewed handout with board
  • Discussed traffic flow.
  • Days : Thursday-Sunday
  • Wineries are flexible to provide appointment times
  • $75 for Thursday or Sunday only. OR $200 for 4-day weekend ticket
  • Jack motioned. 2nd by Aaron. All in favor. No opposition.
  • Not seated, but limited capacity per hour
  • Wineries can opt out of time or limit specific number of people per hour. Remain with format of W&F.

Events – Barrel Tasting :

  • One weekend only.

Member Meeting:

  • Brochures for everyone / mail them to member not at meeting & former members
  • Used as a sales tool for those that drop membership
  • Check-in 2:15p. Meeting at 2:45p
  • Beth has one hour. Sandra has one hour.
  • Bottle of wine to share / tasty bites
  • 45 RSVPs so far

Wine Club Update

  • Nothing to report

Corporate Gifting

  • Nothing to report

New Business

  • Nothing to report

John adjourned at 12:44p. Dan seconded. All agreed.

$1,200 to Redwood Empire donation from WFA ticket sales – $1 per ticket












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