Board Meeting – December 9, 2020

Beth Costa on Jan 12, 2022

Wine Road Board Meeting

December 9, 2020 | 9:00am


In Attendance

☒   Beth Costa (Wine Road)

☒   John Viszlay (Viszlay Vineyards)

☒   Devin Ruddick. (Hook & Ladder Winery)

☒   Lillian Fechter. (Francis Ford Coppola Winery)

☒   Danny Christensen. (Geyserville Inn)

☒   Joe Foppoli (Christopher Creek)

☒   Julia Lander. (Moshin Vineyards)

☒   Oded Shakked. (Longboard Vineyards)

☐   Jack Seifrick. (Cast Wines)

☒   Stephanie Wycoff. (Seghesio Family Vineyards)

☒   Katie Ambrosi. (Wilson Artisan Wines)

☒   Aaron Krug (Best Westen Dry Creek Inn)

☐   Open Board Position – Lodging

☐   Open Board Position – Winery

Julia approved previous meeting minutes. Dan seconded. Motion to approve. All approved.

Winter Wineland

Beth doesn’t think something in January makes sense, with pending Shelter In Place.

Questions of whether or not February is far enough out or not. Mixed responses.

Can’t call it Winter Wineland.

Valentines Day/Presidents Day Weekend – Feb 12, 13, 14, 15

$50.00 ticket – covers tasting fees. Pour 3 wines. Customers make own reservations.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Winter WineLovers Tasting. Communication – “don’t get your heart broken…” by making reservations in advance

Limited tickets available

Devin made a motion, Aaron seconded. All agreed. No objections.

Tickets go on sale January 20th , so refunds hopefully aren’t necessary.

Question of if we make no refund policy – board agrees that, no, we would not want to make a “no refund” policy.

Joe suggests entire board meets once a month – next meeting is January 13th

Barrel Tasting

Has anyone heard that Winegrowers of Dry Creek cancelled Passport?

Should we move Barrel Tasting to that weekend or Memorial Day Weekend?

Dan makes a motion that we choose 4 day Memorial Day weekend (tentative) – Dan motioned, Joe seconded. All agreed.

What if people are doing their own in March? We agreed that we wouldn’t advertise that as a separate item.

No price established yet – holding for results on WWL.


Pending $5k in outstanding dues to collect

Yesterday, Beth sent out list for curbside pickup.

A few others that have dropped out are connecting with Beth.

IN 2016, we may have a sales tax overage, that would result in us getting a credit back. (approx. $16k)

Beth is spending a lot of time on Admin tasks.

Bloggers email was sent out with questionnaire

Expenditures between now and EOY: Insurance – Beth is going to connect to discuss.

Savings – $150k. Checking – minimal

Have Annual Membership Meeting : January 14th

Print ads and digital ads are ready to go, for when we SIP




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