Board Meeting – Feb. 2016

Beth Costa on Mar 6, 2016

Wine Road Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday February 11, 2016

9:00 am

Kendall-Jackson Office


In Attendance:  Robin, Beth, Sue, Carri, Robert, Sharon, Julia, Jeff, Kevin, Derek, Ross, Joe, Renae, Stacy

Absent:  Carla


9:00    Meeting called to order


9:05    Approval of December minutes

  • Motion to approve – Robert / Seconded – Carri / Unanimously passed


9:08    Treasurer’s Report

  • Checking:  $53,503.93
  • Savings:  $160,229.98
    • Approximately $50k was taken out to pay Winter WINEland expenses and $40K back in from Winter WineLand sales


9:10    401K

  • Began on February 1st – started on first pay period


9:30    Events

  • Winter WINEland – feedback
    • Sold more tickets in advance than last year – could end up ahead, but won’t know until after door mone comes in
    • Wineries feedback
      • Half of feedback reported wineries were great, great event and other half of feedback reported unpleasant experiences
    • Negative Response from attendee
      • One attendee reported that they would not come back to the event because all winery staffs talked about how they disliked the event and that no “buyers” attend these events
      • Beth contacted the wineries that were reported to her and informed them of the reviews.
      • Discussion on Wineries conducting a more professional/positive atmosphere- suggestions included:  Winery employee training in marketing and reminders at Wine Road meetings
  • Barrel Tasting
    • New format for pre-event meetings
      • Will speedup the powerpoint and take advantage of the large attendance – will use this time to address more information other than barrel tastings, such as navigating through Wine Road website.
    • 116 wineries are participating
    • 12 wineries participating first weekend only
    • Ticket sales thus far:  approximately 6,000 sold
    • A few non-participating members have been “trashing” Barrel Tasting and using the barrel tasting weekends to do own promotional events to capitalize on the crowd
      • Beth has sent email to all members as a reminder that members should positively promote membership events even if not participating


9:35    40th Anniversary

  • AVA Tasting – Alexander Valley Winegrowers @ Stryker
    • 9 Wineries focusing on history, elevations and location
    • $40 per ticket / 40 attending
  • Breakfasts
    • 4 will be done on Barrel Tasting weekend
  • Art of Oak
    • Will be on display at DeLoach Winery or reception tonight and all weekend then placed at 40 different locations in the next few weeks
    • Will use the DeLoach display as advertisement for Ruby Affair and Mystery Tours
  • Ruby Affair
    • Link for tickets will be going on sale on Wine Road site possibly by this afternoon – waiting on EventBrite
    • Goal is to raise $50k for each charity
  • REFB raffle – instant cellar
    • tried to sell tickets at Winter WINEland – only about $1,200 was brought in.
    • Need to rethink advertising – possibly banners
  • Magical Mystery Tours
    • Preview for social media (6 people) went smooth – already sold tickets through the press that they gave us.
    • Tickets for tours are $100 per person / limited to 40 people.  Each tour has a host and each stop will provide wine & food


9:50    PRMD Update

  • Met with Carillo and Gore – provide them with information
    • Gore voiced that no one wants to read pages and pages – want to have bullet points of facts (not “ideas”)
    • Events need to be defined


9:55    ABC Licensing update

  • Wine Road still has to pay for licensing for event day – Reason given was because Wine Road provides the glass to attendees / trying to get this resolved before Barrel Tasting


10:00    Public Relations

  • LA with SF Travel March 30
    • Looking at giving gifts – little grapevine with stake that has WR brand on it
  • VinDIego
    • April 1-2 / 14 wineries
  • Monetery
    • June 4-5 / Laura will be attending
    • Wineries are just now signing up
  • Rancho Palos Verdes, Trump Golf Course
    • Beth will be looking into it – reported to her as a great event due to good demographic


10:05    New/Old Business

  • AVA groups now meeting monthly at WR office
    • presidents/directors of all AVAs meet
  • Problem Members
    • members not turning in supplies/money from ticket sales – the executive board will discuss solutions in next meeting
  • Submitted Grant to Sonoma County
  • Potential New Board Members
    • Robert & Sue interviewed Jim Conell from Medlock Ames for a winery seat
    • Still need 3 wineries seats and 1 lodging seat to be filled – board members are urged to pick up an application for anyone they think is a good fit and is interested in sitting on the board


10:25    Adjourned

  • Motion to adjourn – Renea / Seconded – Ross


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