Executive Board Meeting – Jan. 14, 2016

Beth Costa on Jan 15, 2016

Wine Road Board of Directors Meeting

Thurs. January 14, 2016

Costeaux Bakery – 9:00am




Present: Renae Perry, Julia Lander, Sue Burnet, Beth Costa



9:15    Meeting called to order – Renae Perry


9:16    Treasurer’s Report checking $40,256.73 savings $170235.83


9:20    401K – signed up and should start by Feb. 1st


9:30    Events

  • Winter WINEland, advance sales ended about 200 above last year. Great press thus far. $250 check was a great incentive for people to decorate.
  • Barrel Tasting, sign ups are complete – tickets to launch next Tuesday.
  • New format for pre-event meetings – going to take advantage of people being there an create agenda to cover next couple of months and other pertinent topics members need to know about. We’ll make reviewing the event quicker.


9:45    40th Anniversary

  • AVA Tasting, Breakfasts, Selfie Frames, TTWR Discount
  • Art of Oak – collecting barrels, need to find a place for the reception and create “event” that is press worthy.
  • Ruby Affair – meeting on Jan. 28th with all key players to dial in final details. Judy Walker, Dee Ahlin and reps from Worth Our Weight and United Way.
  • Pages online and ticket launches – we’ve now launched Magical Mystery Tours, Cabernet Academy and Wine Sensory – about to launch Ruby Affair.
  • REFB raffle – instant cellar. We have 10 wineries that have agreed to have a volunteer selling tickets at the door. Wine Road printed posters and the tickets.


10:00  PRMD Update – Education for wineries, brown bag series – Beth will work with Carolyn Stark and Ann from Dry Creek to create the class outline and do the presentations.


10:10 ABC licensing update – Family Winemakers is looking into the permit process and helping the ABC understand why this makes NO sense. Waiting to hear the outcome.


10:15  Public Relations

  • LA with SF Travel – grapevine gifts – Beth to go down and back for this dinner.
  • VinDiego – sending Laura down and back to San Diego
  • Rancho Palos Verdes, Trump Golf Course – Aug – Beth to get details for this event and see if we have interested wineries.


10:20  Elections – discussion about Board members sending Board applications to members they feel would be interested and helpful on the Board. If they are interested the nominee and another Board member will meet the candidate to answer questions and interview before they go onto the ballot.


10:30  New Business

  • AVA groups now meeting monthly at WR office. Sonoma Co Vintners are aware of the meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 10:35 – minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Costa.



Posted by Beth Costa