Events Committee – May 2015

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Wine Road Events Committee

May 8, 9:00am Wine Road office

Renae Perry, Francesca Huson, Lynn Holty, Sue Burnet, Karianne Di Meola, Robert Conard, Aaron Krug

The last time this committee met, you recommended NO gift or giveaway for A Wine & Food Affair.


We were to continue with the online recipes, make them more searchable, add the ability for customers to rate and comment on the recipes, and other bells and whistles for the online platform. No book was to be printed and no calendar is to be printed.


It was suggested we maybe print the little “round tuits” that go around the bottom of the wine glasses that said something to encourage people to check out the recipes online.  We need to fine-tune that idea if we’re going forward.

Other folks have suggested adding text to the bottom of the glass – etched.


Wanted to toss out the idea of the Wine Aroma Wheel


Online Recipes

Do we want to continue to take bottle shots? About $12,000 expense (however great for donations).

What else could go on the page? (review current layout) 


Our member instructions and sign-up for the event will go out the end of May. Recipes are due June 1- July 15.


The committee should meet and agree to the terms for event participation, deadlines, consequences for failure to comply etc.

Sign up emailed – Use VerticalResponse so we can have nice sections for each topic –



Instructions for recipe submission


Pre-Event Meeting

Missing Supplies – use BT as example



no meeting, no reimbursement

no recipe – no reimbursement

Not meeting deadline – no participation



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