BOARD MEETING                                          

  1. Election of officers – Board approved the slate of officers


  1. Board Member Recruitment & Nominating Committee



Appoint the Vice-President to serve as Nominating Committee chair. Board members will identify potential candidates at the October board meeting. The Board member bringing name forward will vet the identified candidate(s) and gauge their interest. Interested candidates will be vetted by Nominating Committee in time for November board meeting. Videos or photos or other promotional activities may be done as part of the election cycle.


  1. Succession Planning


MOTION APPROVED:  At the October board meeting, current Executive Committee members will declare their interest in continuing to serve in a leadership position. Other board members would register their interest in a leadership role. The interested person(s) would be oriented to the leadership roles by the current president. If the individual affirms their interest, the names are considered by the Executive Committee for leadership positions. President or President Pro-Tem will work with ED to discuss interested candidates and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee. Executive positions should be for two years. 




  1. Conflict of Interest Policy




Beth highlighted the achievements of the organization in the last year.




  1. Perception of Declining Participation


RECOMMENDATION: Create messaging to all members about being positive and supportive of the event(s) even if they choose to not participate. Remind them about the value, ask them to educate their employees and that participation is a choice. Consider creating a humorous video to illustrate the point. Educate members at the mandatory meeting about the event. 



AGREED to not increase the price of Barrel Tasting.


  1. Use of Volunteers


  1. Member Event Participation and Deadlines


AGREED to add onto member renewal fee any outstanding balances due to the WR.



  1. Health Permits


Contact – 


  1. Committees and Expectations


  1. Barrel Tasting Reimbursements



PRESENTATION – Alf Nucifora, The Luxury Marketing Council






PRESENTATION – Alan Kropt, Anchor Distilling Co.

No notes taken during this fast paced, thorough presentation on “Reaching and Selling to Millennials”




  1. Feedback on Speakers


  1. Festivals


  1. Wine Road on the Road


  1. New Logo


  1. Key messages in 2016-17



40th Anniversary 

  1. Plans


  1. Event Champions & Board Support



Wine Road Wish List

  1. AVA Expansion – Sonoma Coast


  1. Wineries with Guest Houses


  1. Brainstorm




Brainstorm ED Goals & General Meeting

  1. General Meeting


  1. ED Goals