Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

Jan. 11 2018   9:00am    

Wine Road Office – Upstairs

MINUTES – Draft Pending Approval

9:00    Call to order. Members present: Carla Jeffries, Robin Calkins, Aaron Krug, John Viszlay, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa. Robert Conard excused/ill.

9:05    Treasurer’s Report – Review Budget proposal.

2018 Budget approved. Budget may be modified after a possible high-level analysis of WR’s marketing programs; analysis to be completed prior to April 2018 Retreat.

9:30    Office update:

Auction – Launching Feb. 8 through Barrel Weekend.

CPR Training: Available now, offered via Event Brite

Access: Postponed launch date to August 2018. The name Access will be replaced prior to launch. Reduced 2018 revenue projection by 50%.

Seminars: 70 attendees already signed up for BT seminar. 70 signed up for Hospitality seminar.

Map: Printing soon (last call for edits).

Elections: Need at least one candidate for Hotels (to replace Aaron); looking for at least two Winery candidates to run against incumbents (Julia and Robert).


9:50    Retreat Agenda ideas


10:10  Events


10:20 Public Relations – on the road . See new annual calendar. Rotating topics across all platforms to keep readers engaged.


10:30  Old Business


10:40  New Business:

Opportunity to showcase WR’s Barrel Tasting via Discovery Channel’s television show “Winemaker’s Uncorked”. Producer looking for 9 wineries; each winery receives three minute segment for $10K. WR would take buy one segment. To be filmed in March 2018. Program is dependent upon producer’s ability to sign up wineries.


Meeting adjourned.




Next meetings


Full Board February 8th, 9:00 WR Office