Exec. Meeting – Sept. 2021

Beth Costa on Jan 13, 2022

Executive Meeting


In attendance:

  • Beth Costa – in office
  • Dan Christensen – via Zoom
  • Devin Ruddick – via Zoom
  • Aaron Krug – via Zoom
  • Lillian Fechter – in office


  • John Viszlay

Meeting started at approx. 9:15am.

Treasurers Report:

Savings – $150,065.12

Checking – $55,059.62

We did receive California Grant. It has not arrived yet – will add $15,000.


  • Connected with Kendall Jackson & Siduri  will be returning.
  • Vintners Inn had not renewed (part of Foley). Beth paper invoiced all and Les Mars renewed. Vintners Inn wanted to do a promotion, but they haven’t renewed. They will be renewing.
  • Recent rejoins : Hampton Inn & Notre Vu.
  • De La Montanya (rejoined due to Oded).
  • Paradise Ridge requested to speak with Beth, she’s left voicemails and reached out.
  • Fritz did not renew. Wants to submit wine
  • We have approx. 117 wineries and 32 lodgings
  • Dan EM Clay Fritz – he’s undecided.

Corporate Sales

Nancy is creating a database for Beth. Some success, but not timeline. Calling individuals.

Wine Club:

  • No interest in pursuing. Beth has spoken with many people and doesn’t seem reasonable.
  • Wineries aren’t going to give Wine Road less than FOB.
  • Wineries may conflict with other wineries.
  • Customers talk about wine club where they want a mix, but challenges with they will want their personal preferences of the mix
  • At this time, shelfing this idea due to compliance, concerns about new signups, retention. Not penciling out to result in revenue.
  • Is going to meet with John & Lucas to follow up

Benefits Club (Like Roadrunner club):

  • Pay for club where they get discounts on tickets, perks & privileges, other businesses that are tourism related (Pure Luxury, The Canopy Tours, Green Music Center etc).
  • App Developer – we could continue our app as is and update look. Could add subscription link on current app to create account, pay for membership, and extra perks would show up on app. Access to specific tastings.
  • Roadrunner club = 1,000 members to start
  • Closed Roadrunner because it was too manual to manage at the time.
  • Perhaps tiers – Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3
  • Idea: tie in benefits, outside of Wine Road (Tours, Restaurants, Music/Performances)

Varietal of the Month:

  • Meeting with “RePour” – for sponsorship of varietal of the month

W&F Affair

  • 800 tickets sold
  • Goal was 500. Would be thrilled with 1,000
  • CellarPass has been amazing to work with and is receptive to feedback
  • Very few people have complained. Overall has been a great execution of tickets!


  • Gables and Flamingo Hotel can join. Now they are undecided. Dan will connect with them.

Meeting adjourned at 9:57am


Posted by Beth Costa