Executive Board – Meeting Minutes, May 2019

Beth Costa on Jun 6, 2019

Wine Road Board of Directors

May 10, 2019 – 9:00-10:30

Wine Road Office



Attending: Carla Jeffries, John Viszlay, Danny Christensen, Devin Ruddick, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa.


(FYI, ** = WR action items or major decisions)



9:00    Call to order (Prior to meeting, Beth gave the Board an update on her performance goals. Some goals will change due to budget cuts.)


9:02    Review March Meeting Minutes – minutes approved


9:06    Treasurer’s Report

Checking: $112,894.31

Savings: $200,174.02


Review revised budget- The Board is working to increase revenue while cutting costs and while not at 100%, as of today, we’re much closer to a balanced budget.

  • WR to cancel Google analytics at $250/month – not worth the expense.



9:45    Events

Review recap from April ½ day retreat


-WR hoping for 85 wineries (maybe 80) for WFA. Recipe deadline is June 28th.

** Beth to follow-up with a reminder to wineries – the sooner she knows what everyone is offering, the more she can promote the event.


**Agenda item for Full Board – Should Lodging members be allowed to put together interesting “Packages” for WFA vs. Lodging Specials? (e.g., package might include tickets at 50% off.) How will WR partner with restaurants? Let Lodging determine solution that works.


For WFA marketing materials, instead of map, WR to consider breaking down food by type (i.e., Pork, Mushrooms, Cheese) OR by Chef (i.e., Douglas Keane, etc.), possibly looking like a menu.


Carla to speak with her Chef, and John to speak with Kathy King to get food quotes (i.e., what can you get for $2,000 for 700 people?)


**Board voted to authorize increasing WFA reimbursement to $2,000 (food only). Note: John Viszlay opposed the vote; he wanted to increase it to $2500. Winter Wineland reimbursement to remain at $500, and Barrel Tasting to remain at $1,000 ($500/weekend).


Sidebar: Barrel Tasting ticket price currently at $75 – did we jump too high from prior year given no change in the event, or are we good with new price?


**Agenda item for Full Board – No money in budget for “Pop Ups” in targeted markets (typically $20-$30K). Should WR be creating Pop Ups in targeted geographic markets? (i.e., in Dallas, over a one month period, could include pourings, winemaker dinners, etc.) It would be a “pay to play” scenario for wineries. WR to determine where in the budget the advertising $$ would come from– a possible line item.



10:00 Marketing & Public Relations

  • VinDiego- came & conquered!
  • Sonoma House – late May, 15 people coming
  • Influencer invitations – looking for 6 influencers
  • Opportunity to partner with Jordan Winery (via their Instagram & Twitter followers). Might be able to piggy back and do video. WR may partner with wineries to share the $4K fee (e.g., WR pay $2K, the other $2K divided amongst 4-8 wineries.)


10:15 Membership

            –Prepared list of potential wineries, for June Mtg.


-Surveys – review plan in June


  • Lodging Mtg. recap- Meeting had 14 Lodging Reps in attendance. Think of subsidizing Lodging for our partners


  • Meet and Greet scheduled: On May 15th, 40 winery partners attending KJ Meet & Greet.


10:25 New Business

-Review Retreat Agenda for June 12


-White Water Rafting…July/August date pending


-Key Partner Program –welcome lunch.


– Added Compass Realty ($3K). Sonoma Sterling wants to be an active member. John Viszlay talking with Platypus Tours (they’re upset over “no bus” policy which will not change).


-Create advertising space on WR Map by selling Biz Card spots (i.e., $10K for 5 spots) with possibly 2 spots being purchased by Casinos.


-Beth working on possible $10K Grant.




Future Meeting Dates;

Full day retreat June 12 – Hotel Healdsburg, Carriage House

Executive Board July 10

Full Board August 14

Executive Board September 11

Full Board October 9

Executive Board November 13

Full Board December 11

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