Executive Board Meeting – Nov. 3, 2016

Beth Costa on Dec 22, 2016

Wine Road

Executive Board Meeting

Nov. 3, 2016

9:00am – NEW Wine Road Office – DRAFT PENDING APPROVAL

Call Meeting to Order

Review Meeting Minutes from Sept.

Treasurer’s Report – checking $184,195.89 savings $140,241.72

Board Development Committee – Beth suggested going back to our plan from a few years ago with Board members soliciting members to serve on the Board. She suggests we plan a meeting to set a timeline, backtrack from the election date to create schedule for nominations, interview, ballots to be mailed, and election.

Wine & Food Affair – Sales down just a smidge. All elements in place, no last minute issues with the wineries, or health dept, should be good to go.

Formation of Committees – Beth had sent out an inquiry to the Board about forming a more formal committee structure. This came from a discussion at our first pizza lunch. We will design a “job description” so to speak and let the committee members know just what the expectation is. We will ask for members with expertise in the area, not folks wanting to learn the ropes.

Public Relations

Mysty – budget, goals, – Robin and Beth met with Mysty reviewed a plan for the first 6 months, at which time we will review and see if we are on track with our projected hours and goals.

SF Travel, Omaha, San Diego – NY trip was very successful, really the best group of journalists yet that SF Travel has pulled together. Now Beth will just need to continue to follow up and feed additional information as requested. Beth will report on Omaha and SD at the next meeting.

Old Business

PRMD – no news to report

Pizza Lunch info sent – we are getting some response, hoping to have 10-12 members per lunch.

New Business

Soliciting new members – Beth will work with Laura to create letter and plan for reaching out to possible new members. We will review list of prospects with the Board and solicite more recommendations at the first of the year.


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