Deadlines – Library Wines, WineLove, Easter Barrels

Beth Costa on Feb 11, 2021

To all Wine Road wineries –

Sorry – but there are a lot of things I am trying to pull together at the same time.

We completely understand that most of you are not yet ready to participate in any type of “event” due to the Covid restrictions in place.

But if you DO want to participate in WineLove Weekend – the deadline is tomorrow – hard, firm deadline – I just don’t have the time to format a program and then make a million changes…remember, I’m working part-time and solo. So, help me out here, if you want to sign up, jump on it now: This is the link: WineLove Weekend
This is the informant we have online for consumers to read about the event =WineLove Weekend

This is the sign-up for the Library Tasting Weekend – if you want to participate in that, this is the link:
These are the details that consumers see on our website – Libraries Are Open

I now have 30 wineries signed up to paint and hide an Easter Egg Barrel – let me know if you want to be added to my list.
This page is NOT yet visible online, it’s a draft I’m working on.
These are the details about the Easter Egg Hunt.


– I will be sending out a tool kit to the participants of each program so you can start talking/sharing with the correct details. I hope to have those out to you by Monday.

– We have sent press releases out for both the Library Tasting and WineLove – and I will be doing some radio promotions in SF to talk about WineLove. Those will begin running Feb. 8th.

– Below are some of the digital ads we will be running to support two tasting programs, still working on the Easter Egg Hunt.


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