Vaccine Information

Beth Costa on Feb 12, 2021

Hello to all of our winery members –

Hundreds of you are interested in knowing how and when they can get vaccinated.
There is no shortage of people interested in the vaccine, there is however a shortage in the vaccine.

Sonoma County has been getting approx. 8000 doses per week – that is our allotment.
Now that people are getting their second shots, this 8000 only allows for about 5000+/- NEW people each week. The remaining are going to folks getting their 2nd shot.

There are multiple vaccination sites, hundreds of volunteers, systems in place – just not enough vaccine for the demand.

Therefore Sonoma County, working with all of the different business sectors is trying to manage the distribution, in the tier system that the state is requiring.

The tier system is extremely confusing. Ag for instance, does include winery workers; farmworkers and winery production It of course also includes hundreds of small farms, cattle ranches, Petaluma’s farm fresh eggs…it’s a huge list. Thousands of people in just a portion of that tier.

There are 500,000 people in Sonoma County. Currently only 5000 new people (approx) each week are able to get a shot. At this rate, it is obviously going to take some time.

The county has been told that vaccine production will ramp up and we will begin getting dramatically more vaccines each week. But, no specific timeline.

We are all hearing about “people getting theirs” ahead of the tier, those who are younger, or ? whatever!
I can’t address that, there is no simple answer to how some people are jumping ahead of the line.

Currently Sonoma County Winegrower and Sonoma County Vintners are working hard to get vineyard workers and winery “production” crews vaccinated. That does not include winery office staff, tasting room staff etc – unless they happen to meet the over 65 age group, in which case they should contact their health care provider and set up an appointment. Sutter, Kaiser, Memorial.

I suggest everyone get familiar with this Sonoma County site – the information is updated daily.
The two topics of most interest: Vaccine Distribution Vaccine Clinics


Posted by Beth Costa