Opportunities, Dates, Deadlines ~ May 26, 2015   


It’s Time For Our Annual Meeting

SAVE the DATE – we’d love to see ALL Wine Road members attend this yearly, informative dinner meeting.  July 15,  5:30-8:30pm at TBD
Please RSVP, to anne@wineroad.com limited to 2 people per winery or lodging. Our focus will be getting everyone up to speed and excited about 2016 and our year of celebration for our 40th Anniversary!


Our 40th “Ruby” Anniversary

Next week you can expect to receive a colorful newsletter outlining our plans for events (big and small) throughout 2016 – as we plan for a year of celebrations. You’ll also receive the sign-up form for the various events and social media programs, as well as donation requests of used barrels (for art) and wine for a raffle.  We are getting SO excited about our plans! 

We are also seeking sponsorships for various events. I’ve attached the form you can share with vendors you think may be interested in supporting the Wine Road and getting their name in front of our members and visitors.

We also need to know which restaurants consistently carry your wines, as we’ll be reaching out and helping them create “Wine Road flights” for 2016. Send restaurant name and their best contact to Nessia at Stuhlmuller  who will be overseeing the “wine flight” project.
Sponsorship Options


A Wine &  Food Affair ~ Nov. 7-8

If you plan to participate in Wine & Food Affair, the sign up details were mailed out last week. You will be able to upload your recipe via a link from Kreck Designs starting June 1. Deadline will be July 15.
Sign Up Form
Details about the event



We still need wristbands back from about 25 wineries and we’d love to hear how many guests you saw – give us a recap.  Thanks