Monterey and San Mateo wine festivals (details)

Beth Costa on Feb 6, 2024

Hello to all of our winery members –

The team at Monterey Wine Festival has now also added an event in San Mateo.
They are offering Wine Road members a discount on their table fees.
Details are below.
Questions should be directed to the festival organizers.
We are pleased to announce the Monterey Wine Festival is coming back this June 15th & 16th 2024. We had a fantastic event this year and we are looking forward to our next one.
On another note we are Launching the San Mateo Wine Festival this March 23rd & 24th at the San Mateo Event Center.
Wine Road Members can take 20% off the regular $550 participation fee in Monterey with the code wineroad1
Monterey exhibitors can take advantage of 50% off on San Mateo using the code at check out countmein.
Below, we summarize the mix for the weekend in Monterey.
Here is a link to the deck for Monterey
Here is a link to the deck for San Mateo
The excitement generated with people attending Monterey creates buzz throughout the year for every participant. Saturday, is many peoples favorite with the West Coast Chowder Celebration serving up samples of the Chefs best efforts. “Only professional chefs are allowed to be involved” and the results are stunning.
Sunday caps off a great weekend with the Kings of Calamari and the Masters of Mussels providing another super pairing opportunity with great wines. Each day is unique and successful. We’ve heard so much positive feedback from our guests near and far.
Optional Wine Judging: Wines will be judged (submit them by 5/22/2024) by a group comprised of wine professionals: wine makers, winery principals, restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine journalists, members of the wine trade and serious wine collectors. Select the link to add your wines.
2024 Monterey Wine Festival Judging
2024 San Mateo Wine Festival Judging
Feel free to reach out to myself at 360-241-0368 or Tina at 360-241-0368 if you have any questions.
All the best, Chris
Chris Cannard
E2C, Corp.
360-693-6023 or 800-422-0251
971-245-3720 Fax

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