Wine Road – spring dates, details, deadlines

Beth Costa on Jan 18, 2021

To all Wine Road wineries and lodgings

At our Annual Member Meeting last week, I mentioned several promotions we had planned for spring.

Below are the dates, details and deadline.

March 5-6-7
Cellars Are Closed / Libraries Are Open
Not an event a promotion.
Sign up to offer 1-2 librfay wines for tasting this weekend.
We wil have an online program for people to check out what you are pouring, then come visit (with a reservation).
Read what we’re saying on our websiteHERE
Sign up vis Eventbrite HERE
Deadline March 19

March 8-April 11
Easter Egg Hunt – painted wine barrels. (see attachment for sample ideas)
Not an event, a social media blitz!
Get yourself a barrel, paint it, hide it on your property, send Wine Road a photo.
Wine Road will send you a sign to put out near your barrel, so customers know there are MORE of them hidden along the Wine Road and that we want them to take a selfie with the barrel and share it.
Wine Road will create a Google map showing the wineries and lodgings that have a barrel hidden and if you send us a photo of your barrel, we’ll create a collage so people know what’s out there!
Deadline March 1st – to confirm you have a barrel for the map, and to send in your barrel photo.
This fun idea was presented to us by Bryce Jones, the “mover and shaker” behind fun projects in Geyserville.

March 19-20-21
WINE love Weekend
Online details for customers HERE
Sign up for you HERE
Deadline Feb. 12

May 24-30
A Week of Barrel Tasting
Wineries can sign up for the days they want…
We will not begin to add details to our website until closer to the date
Sign up will begin April 5th and end April 23rd

REVISED format for Wine Road consumer newsletter, titled My Wine Road.
We want to make this more action driven.
We wil have a new topic or theme each month with links to up to 20 wineries.
If you submit late, just add your information to our Event Calendar.
Click on THIS LINK for details & deadlines.
Upcoming themes will be:
– Valentine Gift Guide – Feb
– Game Night – March
– in the Kitchen – April
– Virtual Winery Tours – May
– Join Our Class – June




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