Executive Board Meeting – July 21, 2016

Beth Costa on Aug 5, 2016

Wine Road

Executive Board Meeting

July 21, 2016

9:00am  Location – Best Western Dry Creek Inn

DRAFT – Pending approval


9:00        Call Meeting to Order

  • May Minutes
    • Motion to approve with change:  Robin
      • Old Business to include the event committee to evaluate whether Explore Backyard should continue
    • Seconded:  Julia


9:05        Treasurer’s Report

  • Assessment update – 40 have paid, no complaints/comments on fee increase
    • Checking:  $74,707.74
    • Savings:  $160,238.01
  • Budget report will be presented after community event


9:20        40th Anniversary

  • Art of Oak
    • Presenting check on July 28th at 12:00 at Cook Elementary School for the Wells Fargo for the Arts Children’s Program
  • Magical Mystery Tours
    • Urban tour cancelled due to lack of sign ups
    • 3 tours to Russian River, Alexander Valley and Dry Creek
      • All tours were full
      • Great feedback, only complaint is that Rodney Strong did not supply food
      • Such a great success that the event committee will review and possibly plan more events like this on smaller scale in future
  • Ruby Affair
    • United Way – will present check after board meeting on August 11th at the United Way office
    • WOW – presenting check tonight
  • Community Festival
    • Saturday August 23rd
    • Judy Walker in charge of event – all set to go
    • Last minute revision to children’s craft area – too hot to do chalk art on pavement so now going to make cork trivets
  • Winegrowers of Dry Creek
    • Zin Blending – August 13th  at Talty, only 3 tickets sold thus far
    • $40 per person, 40 people limit
    • The participants will be split into 4 groups of 10 lead by winemaker from each participating winery.
  • Treasure Hunt
    • Begins July 30th
    • Each participant takes pic of icons with hashtags – winner with most icons wins treasure box worth $1000 in prizes


9:48        Wine & Food Affair

  • November 4th & 5th
    • 99 participating – down in participants
    • All poster art is complete


9:50    Winter Wineland

  • January event ties into ski time and trying to make connection with Tahoe Chamber of Commerce to possibly exchange discounts
    • Sponsorships should be a goal on future events

9:55       Public Relations / Marketing

  • Mysty working on proposal – Beth met with her on July 18th
    • PR can be done by Beth, Mysty and Tim from Sonoma County Tourism
  • SF Travel in NY Oct. 26
    • Wine Road wineries are featured for the dinner, which takes place at Charlie Palmer’s restaurant (Napa wineries for cocktail hour)
    • Pod Cast
      • Continually improving
      • Talking about businesses in the Podcast and creating links to those businesses through tweets
        • Goal is to get sponsorships
  • Propose partnership with Food & Wine for 2017
    • Focus on Food and Wine Magazine and eliminate smaller publication ads

10:10      Membership Committee

  • Bella Luna Inn – new lodging approved
    • The inn added a 4th room and became eligible to be part of Wine Road


10:12    Old Business

  • Moving office
    • Office is on Mill Street, Storage is on Grove Street
    • $300 more than current office/storage space
    • The storage spot is more accessible for pick-ups and deliveries
    • Flyers will be mailed out to members with new address/map
  • PRMD
    • Continue meeting 1x per week
    • Community meeting was chaotic – huge turnout / the presenter on behalf of wineries did not speak well.
      • Goal is to get backing of supervisors and avoid a blanket ordinance
      • Exec board members, Julia and Robert both attended and from their perspective they think the wineries came out ahead
  • Letter sent to breweries, distilleries, cider makers 3 weeks ago – no response as of yet


10:20    New Business

  • Member Brainstorming Sessions
    • Beth wants to host 1x per month a luncheon with 10 Wine Road members to brainstorm and find out expectations from members

10:25   Meeting Adjourned

  • Motion to Adjourn: Robert
  • Seconded: Aaron


Posted by Beth Costa