Wine Road Board Meeting – Aug. 11, 2016

Beth Costa on Aug 23, 2016

Wine Road Board of Directors

Meeting August 11, 2016


United Way of Wine Country / Santa Rosa

All Members Present


9:02    Meeting called to order – Robin

DRAFT – Pending Approval

9:03    Review minutes from June meeting

  • Minutes approved:  Robert
  • Seconded:  Joe


9:08    Treasurer’s Report

  • Review 40th budget and YTD numbers
    • Profit & Losses Budget vs. Actual
    • Robin requests on behalf of board that each meeting Beth present the Profit and Loss Budget vs Actual
      • The difficulty in reading the budget is the profits and losses of each event do not always fall within the budget year – making it confusing to recognize a true loss
  • Ticket to Wine Road – has been budgeted down every year and the events committee is to now determine if the event should continued to be budgeted down or discontinued permanently
  • New office and warehouse space
    • $800 per month for office (excludes rats) / $1200 per month for warehouse (includes electricity)
    • Wine Road will be saving approximately 4K per year


9:20    Problem Members

  • Nothing substantial to report / attorney advises Wine Road to have legal documents as a formality for each event
  • Discussion on having a signed statement of acknowledgement by each participating member acknowledging that any money unaccounted for will be added on their yearly assessment and membership is not renewed without total assessment paid


9:28    Events – updates

  • Magical Mystery Tour
    • Positive feedback – overall Beth received positive feedback
    • Russian River Tour – Carrie went and reported lack of Pinots poured and Rodney Strong did not have food which was a bad first impression
    • Events committee is meeting and wanting to continue more tours in the future – 20 person tours
  • 40 Years of Cheers!
    • Hot day / very good turnout
  • Treasure Hunt
    • 20  picture submissions thus far / radio spot to air promoting the treasure hunt
  • Dry Creek Wine Growers
    • Zin Blending – August 13th  at Talty
    • $40 per person, 40 people limit / all sold out
    • The participants will be split into 4 groups of 10 lead by winemaker from each participating winery.


  • Wine & Food Affair
    • Tickets will launch before Labor Day
    • 99 wineries are signed up to participate
  • June Events Committee
    • Next meeting is August 31st
    • Several topics to be covered including continuing Mystery Tours and Breakfast with Winemaker and supplying lights to members participating in Winter Wineland and possibly connecting with Tahoe for promotional trade offs


9:42  Marketing & Public Relations

  • Sonoma County Tourism – no update
  • SF Travel in October – ideas for press gift
    • Last year we gave clocks
  • Advertising
    • Want to offer Mysty 2k per month to maintain contact with press, advertising and social media


9:47  PRMD

  • No real update / Beth reports unproductive sessions


9:50    Membership

  • Schedule luncheons – once a month do a lunch inviting 10 members to discuss membership with Wine Road – topics to include expectations of members, likes and disappointments and other perspectives from the members
    • This will be by invite only – not by sign-ups
    • Newsletter will announce to members that this will be taking place throughout the year, starting in September, in an attempt to hear from all at some point
    • All board members love this idea and want to propose Beth to have some “goals” in the meetings to cover certain topics and achieve constructive feedback
  • New Members
    • Spicy Vines, Bella Luna Inn, La Crema Estate and Copain
  • Assessments
    • 121 winery member assessments have been paid and 30 lodging assessments have been paid


10:03    New Business

  • Office Move – Taking place on August 15th / notice to all members by mail on same day as move
  • Board Positions – handout by Robin & Julia
    • “President Elect Position”
      • Board to read over and come back with opinions next full board meeting or a poll may be emailed within next week


10:20  Meeting Adjourned


Posted by Beth Costa