Pending Approval of Board

Wine Road Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday August 20, 2015

Vintners Inn – 8:30am




Members Present: Robin Calkins, Renae Perry, Robert Conard, Julia Lander, Sue Burnet, Aaron Krug, Kevin West, Jeff Noel, Carla Jeffries, Ross James, Carri Holdredge, Derek Trowbridge    Absent: Kathleen Inman, Stacy Rafanelli

8:30    Meeting called to order by Robin Calkins


8:35    Approval of June minutes – motion to approve by Ross James, 2nd by Kevin West

8:45    Treasurer’s Report – Beth, Checking $101,707.32 Savings $170,223.01

8:50    Events

9:10    40th Anniversary

9:35    PRMD Update

Beth explained the task force that has been formed by the PRMD with winery and neighbor representative. The monthly meetings, and now the weekly meeting with the Presidents Council. Objective is to be proactive and write an ordinance to outline winery events with regard to: water use, noise, traffic, congestion, industry events vs. normal part of doing business. EXTREMELY complicated issues with very vocal, organized opposition to the wine industry. Robin will attend the next Pres. Council meeting and suggests other Board members trade off attending when possible.

9:45    New Logo Design – Mindy Joyce and Rich & Liz Pembroke –

Mindy walked us through the demographics of our visitors, the tourism numbers and comparisons off other logos within our competitors or like-minded businesses. From this we reviewed the scaled down options of new brand marks and discussed which one would be the best fit for our demographic. We highlighted how each could be used in different formats depending on the use – web, social, print etc. Renae made a motion to select version #3, Robin 2nd the motion all in favor.


10:30  Public Relations     

10:45  ABC licensing update – no update at this point. Still waiting to hear if we’ll need to provide some sort of permit for each participating winery.

10:50  Staff Changes

11:00  Old Business – The Board has agreed to offer the Wine Road staff a 401K going forward. Details to follow. They also completed Beth’s formal yearly review.


11:15  New Business

Meeting adjourned at 11:30


Robin, Carri and Beth met to discuss the 10pt bonus plan for our Event Manager, Debbie Osborn.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Beth Costa