Wine Road

Events & Marketing Committee

August 31, 2016       9:00am

Wine Road NEW office 1437 Grove Street, Healdsburg

Attendees: Beth Costa, Laura Stafford, Carla Jefferies, Nancy Beeken, Joe Foppoli, Pauline Block, Eric Markson, Bruce Thomas, Aaron Krug, Rebecca Germolus



Wine & Food Affair – launching tickets this afternoon or tomorrow!


Explore Wine Road


Winter WINEland – 25th Annual


Breakfast with the Winemakers


Magical Mystery Tours


Progressive Dinner (along lines of Magical Mystery Tour)


Bloggers Conference- Nov 9-12, 2017




Press Trips October & November


Current brand message


Putting all of our eggs in 1-2 baskets –

Food and Wine Magazine – yes

Sunset Magazine – yes

The Skimm – yes

Continue with Alaska Airlines – no





Next meeting scheduled September 28th 9:00 am @ Wine Road Office