Events Committee – Aug. 31, 2016

Beth Costa on Sep 1, 2016

Wine Road

Events & Marketing Committee

August 31, 2016       9:00am

Wine Road NEW office 1437 Grove Street, Healdsburg

Attendees: Beth Costa, Laura Stafford, Carla Jefferies, Nancy Beeken, Joe Foppoli, Pauline Block, Eric Markson, Bruce Thomas, Aaron Krug, Rebecca Germolus



Wine & Food Affair – launching tickets this afternoon or tomorrow!


Explore Wine Road

  • 1st Saturday in May
    • Keep date to stay consistent.
    • Only one day.
  • Need to keep event for Social Media presence.
  • Focus on By Appt Only wineries to draw ticket sales.
    • “Behind the Scenes” “No Appointment Needed”
  • Include lodgings
    • “Open House”
  • Still think partnering with Sonoma County Parks is a good idea…need to see how all ties together.


Winter WINEland – 25th Annual

  • Lights supplied to participants…10,000 lights? 20,000 lights? – maybe, depends on theme.
  • “Vintages, Varietals, Verticals” bringing the focus back to the wine.
    • Library Weekend-
      • Draw ticket buyers with something they cannot get on a normal visit to participating wineries.
    • “Enlighten Your Palate” to tie lights and library together.


Breakfast with the Winemakers

  • Planned for WFA- 1 location, 20ppl, 3 winemakers, 1 mediator.
  • WINEland and Barrel Tasting-
    • Same as this year’s WFA, much easier to manage and sell tickets.


Magical Mystery Tours

  • Very successful, plan to do 4 in 2017 on selected Saturdays.
    • 3 tours, 1 per AVA, maybe urban
    • 1 bus, 20 ppl, $100 pp, 1 host, loose menu on ticket site,
    • Beth, Debbie & Laura to Set dates – outline, # of wineries, host, reimbursement, ticket price


Progressive Dinner (along lines of Magical Mystery Tour)

  • “Wine Road After Dark”-Walking tour in Healdsburg
    • 1 lodging to start with reception, 4 wineries with small bites.
    • 4:30-8:00pm


Bloggers Conference- Nov 9-12, 2017

  • 10th Year, taking place in Sonoma County, Thursday-Sunday
  • Wine Road would like to tie in events on Wed prior & Monday following:
    • Wed-Cab, Zin, Pinot “classes” based on 40th events with AVA partners,
    • Mon-Magical Mystery Tour, 3 tours to different AVAs




Press Trips October & November

  • Omaha Nebraska –
    • Beth is so excited to me invited. Great attendees and fabulous cause to associate with the Wine Road.
    • Need gift idea for high end dinner guests 10- Clocks from barrel staves, Laura to check how many we have left from last year Press Trip.
  • SF Travel in NY –
    • Need gifts for 30 press- 40th Anniversary Blankets, Laura to check # in warehouse.


Current brand message

  • 200 wineries, 50 lodgings, 3 valleys, 1 road – Wine Road
    • New spin for 2017?-no, everyone likes current.


Putting all of our eggs in 1-2 baskets –

  • Should we switch focus to new target market and spread ads?

Food and Wine Magazine – yes

Sunset Magazine – yes

The Skimm – yes

Continue with Alaska Airlines – no

  • Continue strong Social Media presence.



  • Continue – San Diego, Central Coast, Monterey, VinDiego



Next meeting scheduled September 28th 9:00 am @ Wine Road Office

Posted by Beth Costa