Executive Board Mtg. Sept. 8, 2016

Beth Costa on Sep 13, 2016

Wine RoadExecutive Board Meeting

Sept. 8, 20169:00am  Location – NEW Wine Road Office

Present: Robin Calkins, Robert Conard, Aaron Krug, Julia Lander, absent due to harvest Stacy Rafanelli.

DRAFT Pending Approval

9:10     Call Meeting to Order by Robin Calkins


9:11     Changes/Update for 401K – Anthony to present numbers

Currently set as a max employee contribution is 10% with WR matching.

Should have been set up as a match of 10% of the contribution. This has caused a budget overrun. New plan will be reviewed by Ex. Board, presented to the full board for a vote, prior to Oct. 1st. As per law, changes need to be implemented by the end of Oct.


9:30     Review Meeting Minutes from July

Robert made a motion to approve as it, Aaron second the motion.


9:40     Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed both the budget vs. actual and the P&L to date.

No line items seem to be out of order at this point in time.


9:50     Membership Update

New members – Furthermore, Siduri in Healdsburg, La Crema Winery

Assessment – missing 8 wineries and 4 lodgings. All have been called and emailed.

It is recommended that for the first time we reach out to wineries that are not members and see if we can build up our membership with some well known names in the industry. As for our Craft Beverages link – we have a page ready to go online, now staff needs to follow up with our initial letter and see if we can get some added to our site. Reading industry news it seems we are ahead of the game. Taking a step in the right direction to connect/partner with these other local producers.

10:00   40th Anniversary

Film Premier – still tickets left for Sept. 16 at Coppola.

CA Wine Month – different varietal featured every day for Sept – promoting via social platforms. Also running two ads in the PD as per our sponsorship.   Pinot Noir –RRVW – they have had a change in staffing so this AVA tasting may not be able to happen. Beth will wait another week to see what can be done. We need at least a month to promote it properly.


10:10   Wine & Food Affair

100 wineries on board. All print material has been distributed, ads are placed, email goes out in a week. We have already sold our first 1000 tickets.

10:15 Events Committee update

New plan in the works for Explore Wine Road. New focus for Winter Wineland…vintages, varietals and vintages. We’re working on some fun graphics for that. We are planning 4 Mystery Tours for 2017. Next meeting is Sept. 28th.


10:30 Public Relations

Mysty – budget, goals – need to create our WANT list and see is we can present that to Mysty and see what she would charge for that. Time to regroup and have some goals for PR.

SF Travel, Omaha, San Diego – going to take Wine Road picnic blankets as our gift. Also create a info graphic postcard to take instead of a press kit. We are about ½ done with the design idea.


10:40   Old Business

PRMD – no update

Pizza Lunch info sent

New format for board structure – Board needs to review at next meeting


  Next Executive Board Meeting November 3 or 11 ? need to discuss

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