Events Committee – Sept 28, 2016

Beth Costa on Oct 5, 2016

Events & Marketing Committee
Sept. 28, 2016 9:00am
Wine Road NEW office 1437 Grove Street, Healdsburg
Beth Costa, Debbie Osborn, Laura Stafford, Nancy Woods, Joe Foppoli, Aaron Krug, Eric Markson, Rebecca Germolus, Carla Jefferies, Pauline Block, Bruce Thomas

Wine & Food Affair
• Debbie collecting permit information and expiration dates.

Winter Wineland – 25th Annual
• Design ideas/poster, postcards, ads all to Pembroke Studios for design
• Lights – 2 strings per winery use as Press spin
• “Vintages, Varietals, Verticals” bringing the focus back to the wine.
o Wineries will have to choose one of the three categories for program

Explore Wine Road
• What is the name going to be?
o Explore the Wine Road, Discover the Wine Road, Experience the Wine Road, Unlock the Wine Road, Day of Discovery
• 1st Saturday in May – 6th (not Mother’s Day Weekend)
• Price TBD $35-$60
• Focus on getting into the Cellar, Vineyards, Library, Appointment
o Customer to gather stamps of all 4 experiences to be in a drawing
• 40 wineries – 10 per category
• Launch Tickets in January

Magical Mystery Tours
• Dates and AVAs
o April 22 – Warehouse Wineries
o June 17 – Alexander Valley
o July – 15 – Dry Creek Valley
o August 19 – Russian River Valley
• Launch date for tickets will be in February
o All dates will be on the same ticket page along with a loose menu of wine to be served and food pairing
• 1 bus, 20ppl, $125 per person, 1 host;
• Reimbursement $5 per person, $100 per winery, total of $500 per tour
Winter Wineland & Barrel Tasting – DD Beverages
• Wine Road to discontinue providing DD beverages
• Increase reimbursement by $10 per weekend for them to buy what they feel is best for their guests.
• Wine Road budget – WINEland $4000, reimbursement will be $1100
• Wine Road budget – Barrel Tasting $5600, reimbursement will be $2200

NEXT MEETING AGENDA ITEMS – Oct. 19th, Wine Road office 9:00am
• Progressive Dinner tabled until 2018
• Bloggers Conference- Nov 9-12, 2017
• 10th Year, taking place in Sonoma County, Thursday-Sunday
• Wine Road would like to tie in events on Wed prior & Monday following:
o Wed-Cab, Zin, Pinot “classes” based on 40th events with AVA partners,
o Mon-Magical Mystery Tour, 3 tours to different AVA

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