Wine Road Board Meeting – Aug. 10, 2017

Beth Costa on Aug 11, 2017

Wine Road Board Meeting

August 10, 2017  9:00am

Wine Road Office – upstairs location

DRAFT pending approval

Absent:  Devin, Mike & Thomas

9:04     Call to order

9:05    Welcome new lodging  Board Member Jenny Lamarre, Fern Grove Cottages

9:06     Review/Approve June minutes – any action items

  • Approve Minutes – Aaron
  • Seconded – Robin

9:08    PR Report by Mysty

  • Social Media
    • FB – growing normally
    • Twitter – Participating in Sonoma Chat / added plug in to retweet old tweets / trying different methods to see what attracts engagement
    • Instagram – WR stays “private” / numbers have doubled from June to July / hashtagging is most important
  • Review PR recap report
    • June/July – Honeymoon pitch / field Blend Pitch / CA Wine Month Pitch / wine writer outreach
    • September – honeymoon media tour
    • August – October – California Wine Month / Field Blends / Wine & Food Affair / Beth in NYC / Wine Bloggers Conference / Lodging Holiday Decor


9:25     Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank Account Balances:
    • Checking: $74,245.01
    • Savings: $200,013.98
  • Beth request for Aaron to be a signing officer since he is closest in location
    • Need to review bylaws to see if a lodging officer is eligible
  • Discussion on possible increase in WR savings as backup if one of the events fail
    • Robert motioned:  Conversation in regards to increasing or movement in savings will be taken up by the executive board
    • Seconded:  John
  • Review of Beth’s new report
    • Breakdown of where money is going out and what money is coming in as well as a summation on advertising, social media, downloads.
    • John requests P&L to be plugged into monthly reports – board agrees only needs to be reported to Executive Board


9:45  Access Wine Road – update

  • Beth presented the email invite that will go out to our email list and to a San Diego Magazine that circulates to high end homes
  • Will be out in our social media and also in a sunset Magazine email newsletter that has an over 50% open rate and reaches over 220K readers (cost is $3300.00)
  • A subcommittee of Ross, Carri, Rober and John will fine tune the layout of the invite and make adjustments before November roll out


9:54  Partnership Program

  • No update – still only 5 businesses have enrolled
  • Laura to start making phone calls


9:56  Membership

  • One new lodging member – River Bell Inn
  • Assessments are on par / all assessments are due at the end of this month


9:58  Events Committee

  • Magical Mystery Tours
    • Wineries have reported lack of sales
    • Sept/October tours have been cancelled
  • Wine & Food Affair
    • No news
  • Rhone Event
    • May 18 – the Friday night event will be a casual ticketed event at Sonoma Cider with each winery pouring Rhone wines only ($40)
    • May 19- Saturday event – go from winery to winery.  Each winery responsible for only pouring Rhones in a specified area ($50)
    • Board does not like the current name and to discuss options via email
    • Board requests Beth to provide Revenue/Expense report of the event


10:09  Marketing / PR Committee

  • Sunset Celebration has been cancelled
  • PodCast Conference – August
    • Beth to do live podcast
    • Goal is to get sponsor(s)
  • Cleveland
    • Director of Ohio Winery Association has spearheaded this event
    • Beth’s goal is to get 30 wineries to commit – going to send an outline of the requirements to see the interest level of members
    • Beth to try to get date changed from April 6th to April 13th


10:22  Old Business

  • Sonoma House
    • Hosting at Grapeleaf Inn
    • Activities may include:  reception/artwork alk/cycling/boar hunting/motivational speaker/dinners at wine-owner homes/
    • Goal is to make Wine Road the go-to reference when info on Sonoma County is sought


10:30  New Business

  • CA AVAs Director Meeting
    • 16 AVAs met for 4 hr meeting
    • Good info shared – Beth reported that WR has a lot of positive things compared to other AVAs


10:37  Adjorned

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