Join the Fall Wine Trail – sign up details here

Beth Costa on Jul 21, 2023

Hello to all of our Wine Road member wineries,

We’d love to see more wineries sign-up for our Fall Wine Trail.
Tickets go on sale Aug. 1st.
California Wine Month is SEPTEMBER and the CA Wine Institute puts some serious marketing dollars behind promoting CA Wine Month.  We will be adding this event, to their list of events, to celebrate the month.
We will additionally promote via digital ads targeting the greater bay area, along with our social and our newsletters to 50,000 subscribers.
Fall Wine Trail
Sept. 23, 2023
$50 per person
Walk-In Tasting
Each winery to pour 2 wines for tasting – very casual
No glasses, wristbands, RSVP list – guests will simply show their ticket on their phone at each winery.
We sold 257 Summer Wine Trail tickets – it would be great if we could repeat that, or get to 300.
No need to staff up – this is a very small event
No need to provide food, or offer this as a seated tasting – you are not serving a full line-up, just 2 wines
This is the link to sign up via Eventbrite
We’ll just need the two wines you are serving, so we can provide that list online.
Deadline in Monday, July 24 to sign-up.
Tickets would be available for sale through the actual day of the event.
Ideally you will see NEW visitors and sign-up some club members. You could offer some sort of pre-pack with your two wines boxed up and ready to go.

Posted by Beth Costa