Board Retreat Notes – June 2022

Beth Costa on Jun 20, 2022

Board Meetings
• Currently bi-monthly
• The meetings could be hybrid, in-person, Zoom
• Executive Board meets every other month
• Need to determine meeting location

 To move to monthly meetings
 Start in-person, move to hybrid/zoom if needed-Agreed
 To look at holding the meeting at Coppola

Wine & Food Affair – November 5-6, 2022
• Keep the name
• Need to get more wineries to participate
• Reservation or no reservation? No reservations
• Reimburse food costs?
o Tiered by number of wineries or ticket sales
• Are you targeting consumers, support members, fund WR?
o Revitalize events by volume
• Reimbursements tied to
o Ticket sales
o Up to $1,000
o Min. $500
• Tag line “The Affair to Remember”

 To keep the name
 To not have winery reservations
 To reimburse for food costs tied to ticket sales
 Beth will recommend the food reimbursement amounts based on ticket sales

Winter Wineland – January 14-15, 2023
• Name – no change
• Theme:
o Restock your Cellar
o Bring the Magic Back to Winter
• Encourage the Experiencen (Décor) – choose your own adventure
o Photo backdrop
o Wine photos for participants to create their book of memories
o Use photos for future WR promotions
o Create a tag for the winery and WR
• Reimbursement – Décor only
o With receipts
o No food promotion
o Up to $250
• Participants – Show us where you are from…
o I came to WR from…
o Wear your gear
o Guest costumes
• Provide WR wine bag at check-in

 To keep the name
 To focus on “The Experience”
 To have each winery have a photo station co-branded with the winery and WR
 To encourage participants to share “where they are from”
 To consider providing a WR branded wine bag
 Beth will recommend the decor reimbursement amounts based on ticket sales

Barrel Tasting – March 3-5, 2023
• Name: Wine Road Barrel Tasting
• Theme: Taste the Future
• Reimbursement? None
• Food in program? No
• Focus
o Futures
o List wine being poured
o Having a barrel sample
• Early Bird or Ticket Promos:
o 24–48-hour flash deal
o Barrel Tasting only
o Beth-marketing plan – Glimpse to the Future or Links to the Future
• Focus on selling Insider memberships with provide discounts to members

 To keep the name
 To focus on futures or barrel samples
 To promote Early Bird ticket discount – Beth to recommend approach
 To promote Insider memberships

Suggest creating a sub-committee on this focus area)
• Create a benefits of membership deck
• Have a personal reach out from the board
• Current Membership Fees
o $900 with $500 lodging
o Allow payments plan – 2 or 3
• Board members own member names and reach out
• Start with a phone call/contact first
• Create the sales pitch and follow up strategy
• Customize message for board members that will speak to winery
• What is the call to action? Challenges? Needs?
• Retention (Board focus) vs. Acquisition (Debbie)

 Lillian will compile the list of member names and board member assignments
 Lillian will assign unassigned member names to board members for reach out
 To create a presentation deck for reaching out to wineries
 To identify approaches for a more personal reach out for members needing a deeper level of engagement to secure their renewal or membership

Research and Development – Future Topics
• Consider adding restaurants to the WR website
• Consider adding Sonoma Coast as WR region-by law change

Event Ticket Prices
The Board discussed the pricing for each event during the evaluation of the approach for each event.

Action: The board approved to not have any event winery reservations, to not sell tickets at the door, and implement the following event prices for 2022-23. Moved: Katie Ambrosie; Second: Devin Ruddick; Motion carried.

Wine and Food Affair (Focus: Food)
Weekend: $125
Sunday only: $95
Designated Driver: $25

Winter Wineland (Focus: Experience)
Weekend: $95
Sunday only: $75
Designated Driver: $10

Barrel Tasting (Focus: Wine, no food promoted)
Weekend: $95
Early Bird: $85 (available for one week)
Sunday only: $75
Designated Driver: $10

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