Executive Board Meeting – March 2022

Beth Costa on Jun 20, 2022

Wine Road Executive Meeting
March 9, 2022 | 9:00am
Virtual / Wine Road Meeting
In Attendance
☒ Beth Costa (Wine Road)
☒ John Viszlay (Viszlay Vineyards)
☒ Devin Ruddick. (Hook & Ladder Winery)
☒ Lillian Fechter (Francis Ford Coppola Winery/Delicato Family Wines)
☒ Dan Christensen. (Geyserville Inn)
☒ Aaron Krug (Best Western Dry Creek Inn)

Approval of Minutes

John called meeting to order at 9:10am

Danny made a motion to approve minutes at 9:10am
John seconded. All were in favor. No one opposed.

Treasurers Report
Checking: $100,093.09
Savings: $150,099.95 (estimated – no $ recently removed)

Reviewed Quick Books -­‐‑ 2022 Budget is $30k. Added lines for Membership Insider Club.
Barrel Tasting was budgeted at $80k. Actual was approx. $63k.
• Thurs only – 85 tickets
• Sunday only – 202 tickets
• Weekend – 130 tickets
• 4 day – 155 tickets
• DD – 46 tickets
• Total – 616 tickets. Estimated we would sell 1,000. Past years was 7,000.
• Some wineries didn’t have any reservations on Saturday.
• Feedback on low sales: Combination of pricing and format – preference would be more flexibility in

Board Elections
Ballot was sent out for Board Elections – April, Terry, Julius, Jack, Danny.
Can vote until 25th.
Open positions : 2 wineries open, 1 lodging open.

Barrel Tasting
Feedback from guests was mixed.
Devin’s feedback : there seemed to be a lack of energy among guests. As a winery, cost to revenue/margins
weren’t negative, because it allowed for lower staffing etc. However, the guest experience seemed to be

Gateway to Wine Road
30+ wineries signed up
Price is currently $100.
Beth wants to ensure we sell out the wineries.
Using CellarPass, but it’s challenging to use. Tickets based on capacity, not tables – if someone provides 20
tickets, 20 individual tables must be uploaded.
Devin gave kudos to Wine Road team on operations and how these events are being managed.
Suggested Barrel is open, WWL is hybrid and W&F is seated

Arizona, San Diego media opportunities. Partnering with Starks for meals

Flip Books
Wrapping up project, experience is photography driven.

Hotel Trio
Beth wanted to spend additional funds on press. Brooke voiced they would prefer to sponsor events, versus
press. Ask will be around $20k

Wine Road Insider
Site/App is going well -­‐‑ Waiting for additional businesses to join -­‐‑ “Off the Wine Road”. Looking for 3-­‐‑4
Zip lining and Safari West are offering

Website Addition
Jack suggested we highlight specific items – Rhone, sparkling, Italian etc. – on website

Half day retreat in June 8th from 9a-­‐‑12p. John and Beth will meet regarding retreat agenda.

Devin suggested we review what has worked in the past, what are the headwinds, and how do we move
forward? We need to begin to be proactive again and we are hopefully coming out of a reactionary state, due
to external circumstances. Additional conversation regarding Barrel Tasting recap occurred.

Danny gave Beth kudos on working through all of the challenges. Thank you for making events happen,
despite everything going on. Board echoed positive feedback to Wine Road Team.

Beth is meeting with WR team next week to wrap up projects that have a few outstanding items.
Website developer is working on drop downs for “award winning” wines. New pages. Should be done this
week, then members can login and add their wines.
Meeting Adjourned
Motion to adjourn by Aaron at 9:49am
Devin seconded.
Meeting adjourned.

Posted by Beth Costa